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Yay last holiday collection from Persephone Minerals. This is the Santa’s Rockin’ Reindeer Collection. This is a gorgeous collection, not kidding. It’s nine shadows that consist of Deviant Dasher, Dirty Dancer, Pretty Prancer, viXXXen, Cunning Comet, Corrupt Cupid, Bad Blitzen, Dangerous Donner and Rock Out, Rudolph!. My favorites? That would be Dirty Dancer, viXXXen, Cunning Comet, Corrupt Cupid and Rock Out, Rudolph!. Seriously SO pretty. Corrupt Cupid is amaaaazing, it reminds me of Bride from MPZ only it’s rainbow colored instead of more white. It’s like faerie magic.

All swatches are done over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Enjoy!


In no particular order(and by no particular order I apparently meant alphabetical order…) I’m going to list my top ten favorite indie companies and then I’m gonna tag a few people to do the same. ;)

  1. Cocoa Pink – oh man. I fell in love with her scent fear of cemeteries. It’s amazing. She was going to drop her hallow’s eve scents and I bugged her on a few occasions to keep it. Luckily someone suggested changing the name to Dirty Carnation which she liked so yay it stays. I’m in love with her voluptuous body butter and her bubbling scrub is pretty awesome too. Her shampoo is awesome and it makes a great kitty wash. ;)
  2. Darling girl Cosmetics – Susan has a million and one shades of shadow to choose from. She has some beautiful shadow colors, but I especially like her colored lip balms and her lip scrub in a tube. If you haven’t purchased anything with the rose/passionfruit scent you’re missing out. She also has cream blushes which are awesome, especially Pink no Corisu. ;)
  3. Detrivore Cosmetics – Oh man Distorria has some gorgeous shadows. She also lives within driving distance of me so I get to pick up my packages in person. Woot! I love the theme to her shadows, I love their creepy names and they’re just beautiful. A little birdie also told me that she’ll be selling perfume oils soon too. ;) If you don’t own Omen you need to remedy that. GORGEOUS purple!
  4. Evil Shades Cosmetics – oh man. She has beautiful lippies and shadows and everything. She made a shadow after me called Toxic Lotus, it’s gorgeous, you should get it along with Eplefe and um all of her other shadows. If you like pink lipstick you have to get Fearless, it’s freaking amazing, and Deception? Perfect freaking nude. I want all of her lippies and shadows and blushes, and okay pretty much everything she sells. Her spectrum pots and primer have been the longest lasting eye primers as well. Check them out. ;) Also drooling over her holiday shades!
  5. innocent+twisted alchemy – Gosh these colors are beautiful. They remind me of the old Aromaleigh formulas. They’re just shiny and complex and pretty. She offers sample pods/clamshells and she fills them to the brim, she’s also a sweetheart and does all the art for her company. She’s very talented. Twisted is one of the most amazing colors ever, and I love Innocent as well, I love all of her shades and can’t wait to get my claws on her holiday set.
  6. Linnaeus Cosmetics – Okay so Marin is possibly the sweetest, cutest, quirkiest creeper in the universe. I loves her. Her shadows are rich and beautiful and the formulas are like butter. They’re just wonderful. Plus she was super awesome and made the Axolotl collection for me! *squee* There are no duochromes but her shadows have beautiful sparks of color and look complex. She’s definitely a keeper. Can’t wait for her shop to open back up at the beginning of the year.
  7. Morgana Cryptoria – Oh jeez what can I say, I need one of everything please. She has gorgeous, amazing lippies. I have a few of her balms that are rich and amazing, I’m sad to see them go, but the new glosses and gels look pretty awesome, and she did turn some of the balm colors into glosses. Hooray for diabolical druscilla! I have Azalea and Azalea blue in cute little flower pots that Amanda from Karmic Dreaming sold me during a blog sale. Love them. I currently have an order from her and am trying to patiently wait until Wednesday so I can pay for it. Can’t wait to have more of her lippies!
  8. My Pretty Zombie – Seriously Andrea is a goth Mary Poppins. I kid you not. She’s tied with Marin for cutest, sweetest, quirkiest, most awesomely nice person ever. She’s genuinely nice and aims to please and has the best customer service. Besides her being awesome, she makes amazing shadows, if you want duochromes check her out, because she has some sort of magic touch for duo’s. Kid you not. mNg trio, Husbandry Afflictions collection, monstrous industry, illustrated ink, there are so many pretties it’s hard to choose. PLUS she makes zombie barbies. When I first shopped with her the barbies gave me the creeps, it was mostly the blood painted on, I don’t do well with blood, but now I kinda like them, and kinda want one. She did trade me a zombified barbie hand pendant for a scarf(I’m still making the scarf. >.> ). So check her out cause if you like creepy you’ll like MPZ. Also don’t pass up Unicorn Pee or her MDMA blush of freaking awesome sauce.
  9. One Hand Washes the Other – Becca is a crazy, blunt, firey witch troll that stands over her giant cauldron making black magic soap of amaze. Seriously that stuff is magic. She was also awesome enough to make a glycerin free formula for me, which is even more awesome, AND, AND SHE MADE MY MOST PERFECT SMELL. I Smell Like a Witch is omg perfect. The only thing better is mixing I Smell Like a Witch with Cocoa Pink‘s Fear of Cemeteries. It’s like magic and the most amazing smell EVER. I’m counting the minutes until we get paid so I can order creamy soap and everything possible in I Smell Like a Witch. Seriously, right now, I smell like a witch yo and I like it. Also Becca has black magic soap in jars, and soon she shall have scrubby black magic soap in a jar which I can’t wait to try!
  10. Persephone Minerals – Vic is like the queen of duochrome shadows. She’s got some pretties and holy crap if you haven’t seen her Sailor Senshi collections you must go now and see them, they’re amazing and I need them all. NEED, seriously NEED them. They bring back so many awesome memories of watching Sailor Moon, and YES I do love Sailor Moon, so pffft. Vic has amazing colors and her holiday collections are no disappointment. I’ve been swatching them the past few days and they’re beautiful. All I have left to swatch is the reindeer collection and they’ll all be up for your viewing pleasure.

There are other companies that I love as well like Black Rose Minerals, Venomous Cosmetics, Pollen Cosmetics, and yes even Madd Style Cosmetix(please don’t burn me at the stake). They all have beautiful, amazing, quality shadows and you should check them out. I think next time I’ll do a top 15 or 20 list. xd Some of these companies have been around for awhile, others are brand new, but gosh they’re worth checking out and trying. There are some new companies sprouting up that I’d like to try so maybe next time I decide to make a list I’ll have some new companies up, and well a long list. xd

And now I tag Luna, Amanda, Claire, Mandy, Stephanie, Andrea, Sammi, Angela and Taryn.

Let’s see your favorite top ten! ;)


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