5th Anniversary FOTD

I’m sad. You can see the cataracts in my eyes now. :( I have to get my eyes checked in January. I’ve been worried that they’ve been getting worse since it’s been really hard to see at night. I’m practically blinded when headlights from oncoming cars hit me. Bleh. Hopefully they aren’t progressing too quickly.

And just in case you’re curious at all I copied and pasted this from facebook because I’m too tired and albeit a little lazy to type it up again. :shifty:

Kai ended up getting me some really pretty red roses, and we went to outback for dinner. We normally go there for our anniversary because they have the only steak I can eat without pain or cracking/breaking teeth. >.< Last year we went to Sushi & Maki so we decided it was Outback this year. The waitress was super nice and complimented me on my ring and hair and nails. haha I got my usual prime rib since I can eat it without issue, baked potato, caesar salad and sauteed mushrooms. I think I got the mushrooms once before and didn’t like them, either way they were kind of icky, they seasoned them heavily with spicy something and onions, and they now put an herb crush on the prime rib which is gross, so I had to cut that off, and the mushrooms contaminated my baked potato so I only ate part of it. Also I haven’t been able to eat lettuce for awhile because of the lyme, it causes awful stomach cramps now, but I love their caesar dressing so I h ad to. We also got seared ahi tuna for an appetizer, but it was crusted in like half an inch of herby stuff(if you haven’t guessed by now I don’t like anything encrusted in anything, especially herby) and had a wasabi and bbq dipping sauces which I found odd and couldn’t taste because of the herb crust. But Kai really liked it. He got bbq’d pork ribs and bbq steak with the disgusting chopped bleu cheese salad that he loves so much. Ick. I also did really good and drank unsweetened tea. Go me! And we got no desert cause well nothing looked good. Then we went to the pet smart and got Mochi a cupcake breakaway collar to replace the tiny dog collar I had on her cause it was still huge despite being made for freaking chihuahua’s. then we got Fumiko from Dawn’s where she had pork chops with gravy and mashed potatoes and green beans and then cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate sauce, and tons of juice, dorito’s and a lolipop. THANK’S AUNTIE DAWN. :shifty: then got my mom random fruit from the store. Seriously she asked for 1 lemon, 1 orange, 1 apple and 3 banana’s. And they had spiced pumpkin coffee creamer! So I got that and some of the refrigerated fresh pet food for Sushi and Mochi which they devoured. And uh. I guess that’s it. xd I gave Kai his anniversary gifts yesterday which was a star wars t-shirt, awesome gray and teal argyle socks, and black dress socks since he had no dress socks. So that’s my wall o text for the night.

I shall force Kai to model his tshirt and argyle socks tomorrow.

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  • Happy Anniversary!! You look *gorgeous*, what a lucky guy :) ))

    So sorry about your eyes honey, I understand. I have chronic iritis, so my corneas are scarred and I’ve lost some vision. If I don’t treat it, I go blind/need a corneal transplant. Treating it (with steroids) means risking glaucoma. Damned if I do…..

    I’m sending LOADS of good thoughts and love your way and hope the eye doc can help you out. *HUGZ*

    Oh and I got my MPZ stuff–gorgeousness! Can’t wait to play with it :) Thanks for the recommendation!!

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your eyes getting worse! I’m sure everything will work out. Your makeup looks totally stunning.