Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics Vulture, Tarantula, Omen, Hack, Wraith, Widow & Sphinx

Here are 7 of the newly released shades from Detrivore Cosmetics. As soon as I get my orders picked up I shall have more for you, but for now just 7. :d They are all beautiful and if you like purples you’ll love Omen. It’s just… beautiful. Detrivore is having a 10 for $20 sale until the 20th I believe. It was REALLY hard to choose. Swatches are over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer cause I misplaced my spectrum pot, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Oh these were sample baggies that I transferred to 3 gram jars.

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  • Why do I not have Sphynx?! Brb ordering all these colours… >.>

  • I love how rich and shimmery these shades are. Especially Sphinx! 8)

  • I just bought the $10 for $20 thanks to you! I am so excited. I never heard of the brand but thought, why not?!

  • Rebecca

    Wow! These are so pretty! Perfect for the season (and my coloring). :HK:

  • I’m drooling! They’re such gorgeous colours. That purple is calling me.