Swatches: My Pretty Zombie The Blue Period Collection Dissolution, Forsaken & Infirmity

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I received a package from Andrea at My Pretty Zombie this week. In it were the drug blushes for the giveaway I’m going to be hosting, The Blue Period collection, a dismembered zombie barbie hand pendant(I’m making her a scarf in exchange and have another surprise up my sleeve cause I <3 her), and a couple of eyeshadows that look like the blushes she made. I did my beauty challenge this week using colors from The Blue Period; Dissolution, Forsaken, and Infirmity. They’re sparkle explosions and gorgeous jeweled colors. I love them, especially Dissolution. These colors are beautiful and rich, and beautiful and all glitterbomby and beautiful, and you really just need them. With that said here are the swatches I promised! Swatches are over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb cause the sun has disappeared. I must say, I miss the sun, only because I prefer taking photos in direct sun. Do not miss the heat though. PICTURES! ^.^ Oh by the way this collection will be available on Black Friday. :shifty:

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  • Ssssstoooooooopppp showing us these things!! Dissolution is killing me!!

  • WANT

    • No No you NEED! ;)

  • *wheezes* SO.MUCH.GLITTER :d

  • WOW I love Forsaken :LOVE: :LOVE:

    • Dissolution is my favorite. :)

  • Beautiful!

  • These colors are amazing. MUST HAVE.

    • They’ll be available on her site on Black Friday. :d They’re awesome.

      • Thanks. :) I remembered to order these last night.

        • Awesome! I hope you like them. :)

  • ZOMG I think I need all 3 of these!!! Forsaken is AWESOMESAUCE. Holy cats.

    I will probably use something from MPZ for my Thanksgiving Day look! Probably one of the blushes.

    She put a zombie finger in my package (the kind you can put over your own finger). I laughed, it was so fun and quite appropriate ;) Andrea ROCKS.

    • hehe! Fumiko loves the severed fingers and creepy things she sends. I think Fumi has a few different severed fingers, bats, lizards, eyeball rings, and different goofy teeth. :d

  • OMGOSH so gorgeous i about passed out >_< LOVE squeeeeeeeeeee

    • They are seriously even prettier in person.

  • OMG. Those are amazing!!! Looks like I’m making my first MPZ order soon! :d

    • AW you must. She has some pretty awesome colors. :d