Swatches: Persephone Minerals Santa’s Rockin’ Reindeer Collection

Yay last holiday collection from Persephone Minerals. This is the Santa’s Rockin’ Reindeer Collection. This is a gorgeous collection, not kidding. It’s nine shadows that consist of Deviant Dasher, Dirty Dancer, Pretty Prancer, viXXXen, Cunning Comet, Corrupt Cupid, Bad Blitzen, Dangerous Donner and Rock Out, Rudolph!. My favorites? That would be Dirty Dancer, viXXXen, Cunning Comet, Corrupt Cupid and Rock Out, Rudolph!. Seriously SO pretty. Corrupt Cupid is amaaaazing, it reminds me of Bride from MPZ only it’s rainbow colored instead of more white. It’s like faerie magic.

All swatches are done over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Enjoy!

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I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!

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  • Jenn owns the left side? :WOW: In that case: totally

  • Um … I have something to say …

    GORGEOUS swatches!!! I can’t believe I forgot to order Cunning Comet during the sale t.t

  • Vicky

    Um….I don’t get it. I’ve been following her blog for about a year now and she has ALWAYS had icons in that position on that same side…The only thing that’s changed is the shape.

    This is a bit silly for something that is so commonly used by so many people….

  • Vannah

    No one stole crap from the crazy Jenn lady because it wasn’t even hers!! She didn’t make the damn icons! AND is she going to go after EVERY blog which uses those?? There are several blogs with the cutesy little icons like that!! No way in hell was she THE VERY 1ST to ever use those!!

  • K

    Or, you know, this:

    That Jenn sure does get around. She has websites everywhere. She’s the QUEEN OF THE INTERNET, wow. But… if she doesn’t want people using her stuff why does she make all these different websites to teach people how to do it? SO CONFUSED.

    • Manda isn’t using that plugin.

      And again, the issue isn’t over the icons themselves, as they weren’t mine to begin with (I’ve given the creator credit here: I care because Manda 100% copied the placement and hover effect, and yes, I’m pissed, because it was my idea and implementation for those exact icons being placed in that exact area and reacting to hovering in the exact same manner. It’s copying, plain and simple, and for that reason I’m miffed. If you worked hard on your designs and tried to think outside the box and not do what every single other layout coder out there does you would be miffed too.

      • Vicky

        BUT SO MANY PEOPLE have that same placement & hover effect!! You going to target them all?

      • K

        I wasn’t implying that she is using that plugin, I was merely pointing out the fact that there are multiple places on the web which tell people how to do these kinds of things- they don’t have to “steal code” from other people’s blogs. If you are going to accuse anyone of doing that without any actual proof (does her code match yours? I think not) then what you have done is created drama for no reason. Grow up.

      • Theo

        1) Manda’s implementation looks better than yours, so I’d say she IS thinking outside the box and doing it better than you.

        2) You didn’t invent buttons down the side of the page, there are a lot of sites that do that. Manda’s site has had them for a long time.

        3) Whining much?

      • ALT


        -__- Jenn, you make yourself look like a moron. The icons have been in the exact same place for awhile, the only thing that changed were the icons, which aren’t yours, fucking idiot.

  • Amanda

    LOLOLOZZZ OMGGG U R SO FUNNY LOLOLZ. :GRR: I suppose the coding also magically fell out of the Internet sky and onto your index page HTML too?

    • K


    • ALT


      Seriously bitch, show us where the code is exactly the same, do it. I don’t believe you can, because they each coded it themselves, and you’re just a fucking moron who apparently can’t think for themselves.

  • Wow, this layout is SO unique, and yet looks SOOO familiar. I can’t put my finger on it…..

    oh, wait, yeah. I can! It’s because you swiped Jenn’s from sidebar icons, positioning, and hover coding. But I guess you convinved yourself that this was alright since you colored them pink.

    Tsk tsk. This is not 2002. :c

    • K

      I didn’t realize Jenn from was the same person who ran this site:

      :O OMG she’s SO TALENTED WOW

      • See the comment I left below. It’s not about the icons, though the Pinterest icon *is* mine, as I made it go along with the original set. It’s about taking my exact placement and hover effect.

        • K

          Last I checked you did not create the Pinterest logo nor did you create the icon set that both of you blog ladies are using on your blogs. You are NOT the only person in the world who can take an element of one design and mesh it into another. Get over yourself.

        • ALT

          NO, it isn’t, it is clearly a different icon. This is tempting me to make a post myself on how bitchy, narrow minded, and deceitful some bloggers are. I’ve already saved both icons, and looked at them closer, the thickness is very different, the placement is very different. It is NOT your icon, and you’re a moron for posting about it before attempting to figure out the truth,

    • Jess


      • On the contrary, she took the icons directly from my site, which is fine since they’re not mine, with the exception of the Pinterest icon, which I made myself to add to the original collection – which you’ll notice is linked in my credits section (

        I don’t care that she took the icons, though I’m irked that she took the Pinterest one along with the original set, and didn’t bother to credit the original author for the set, let alone me for the contribution.

        I’m irked that she took my exact idea for the placement of the icons on the left side of her layout, with the exact same hover effect. Manda being overly-inspired is an understatement.

        • Correction: the exact link where my credits for fonts, icons and other things is

          • You should totally fucking copyright your code, since you made it up. Also, you should copyright the placement of the icons. Seriously, this is some bad shit Toxid Lotus is doing. What does she think this is? Some kind of FREE HAVEN with FREE GRAPHICS and doing whatever she wants? You know what? TOTALLY copies you too. Fine, she has her follow-button on the right, and it doesn’t look like yours, but she TOTALLY STOLE YOUR IDEA. Honestly, I think this is SO crossing the line. You should sue.

          • Jess

            you have made a mountain out of a molehill, sweetheart. and you are igniting a drama storm over something that is really, at the end of the day, very small. It amazes me that someone with so many interests, hobbies, skills, etc, has this much time for such immaturity.

          • ALT

            Just looked at both, the font on yours is CLEARLY thicker than the one that this blog owner made. Theory? SHE ALSO MADE IT HERSELF. But I’m sure you didn’t think of that because you must be the ONLY person who thought the one from the original set was ugly. Because you’re so original!

        • K

          So you’re the only person who is allowed to use the Pinterest “P” in an icon? An icon you took from a set CREATED BY SOMEBODY ELSE and modified- you think you’re the only person in the entire planet allowed to do this? I don’t think you created the Pinterest logo, did you? No, you did not. You are in fact, ridiculous, madam. And soon everyone will see this and laugh at your foolishness. :HK:

        • Must be nice to have nothing else is your bitchy little life to think about than your “precious icons”.

          Here’s an idea–get off your cross and use the wood to build a bridge to GET OVER YOURSELF.

          I’ve seen plenty of blogs with the sidebar icons. You are not that special.

  • Rebecca

    Gorgeous colors! I especially like um…. all of them! So pretty and your swatches are great. :HK:

    • lol They are all pretty! Corrupt Cupid is freaking gorgeous though.

  • Those are great swatches, as usual. And gorgeous colors!

    • Thank you. :d The colors are gorgeous!