Things I learned today and didn’t want to

Okay there were only a couple I could have lived my entire life not knowing. Anyways. My mom’s license is expired, she hasn’t been able to pay to renew it. So I am now her chauffeur. So today I had to go pick up some supplements from her friend Jim and them drop off supplements for him. She did the usual “Are you going to be stopping by any stores today?” question which actually means “I need you to stop by the store”. So I did my usual “Well I wasn’t, but I can?”. So then she asked me to pick up spelt flour because she’d been out. Then on the way out the door she says “By the way I’ll try to be ready after you get home from taking Kai to work in the morning so you can take me to the grocery store”… to which I thought “and I have to get the spelt flour today because…?”. I have to go to a diabetic class in the morning at NARA and have no idea how long it’s supposed to be, so we’ll see about that whole grocery store thing tomorrow.


Things I learned today:

  1. Almost every auto repair shop in our vicinity now sells christmas trees. Seriously, I kid you not. This must be some new fangled thing because I can’t recall them doing so last year, or any year before, but I suppose I could have been distracted by the pretty lights, or something and not noticed…
  2. THEY HAVE PINK FLOCKED CHRISTMAS TREES! Seriously. While going to pick up my moms stuff I passed this auto repair shop that had a bajillion trees in their parking lot IN RAINBOW COLORS. There were pink, red, purple, blue, teal, yellow, and some other color I can’t recall, but no white flocked trees. Also the yellow tree looked like something pissed on it. I predict yellow flocked trees to not sell well. Just sayin’.
  3. Apparently back in the day Lysol, you know the kind of Lysol people use to you know mop their floors Lysol marketed itself as a feminine wash… Not only that but people believed it prevented pregnancy. Now Lysol never CLAIMED to prevent pregnancy but they sure didn’t deny it either. Ew.
  4. Also on that note apparently Coca Cola was also used to prevent pregnancy… Just shake and aim baby. Maybe it’s just me… but thinking of putting anything up my vagina that is used to clean floors, or is carbonated and full of sugar and various other things has never occurred to me. Yeah, I don’t know. I can’t think of any reason why I might try that. And just because, I’m going to let you know that by the time you’re done with your fun and you have time to think about getting pregnant the little squirmy buddies in your vagina are in your uterus and there isn’t anything you have in your pantry or cleaning closet that will reach those. So just. No.

And that is my super awesome advice for the day. Don’t stick lysol or coke up your vagina, it’s pointless. xd Okay not totally pointless it was pretty funny to hear it being explained on the radio. Also Mochi is torturing Kai by trying to steal his slices of summer sausage while he’s distracted playing Skyrim or some game and just demanded I get my cat, to which I replied “Hey you wanted the summer sausage, deal with the consequences” Bwhahahaha. Also while at the grocery store we passed by tofurkey at which point I said “I wonder if they realize there are quite a few vegans who are vegan because they don’t want to support the way animals in slaughter houses are mistreated, or just don’t want to eat meat at all for whatever reason, if I were vegan I wouldn’t want to eat some turkey shaped, meat flavored soy thing or even a meat flavored soy log for thanksgiving.” to which Kai replied “I’ve never known a vegan who has actually eaten a tofurkey”. Then we got on the subject of slaughter houses and how animals are treated while walking through Fred Meyer and he says to me at one point “There’s nothing more terrifying and disgusting than seeing a camel have its throat slit”… To which I said “THERE’S NOTHING MORE TERRIFYING AND DISGUSTING THAN SEEING ANYTHING HAVE ITS THROAT SLIT… I can’t believe you just said that to me… Seriously… I think that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said to me.” He was already laughing at this point. And then I said “If I were vegan” then he cut me off with “Thank god you aren’t”, then I forgot what I was gonna say and started complaining about how he and Kinon don’t eat vegetables like they’re going to make them dumb or sick or something. Then I got sidetracked with the giant cupcake chairs and pink cat chairs they had. The end.

Now I’m gonna go stair at the brussels sprouts and broccoli and decide which one I want to eat… Also Kai says he wishes he had jedi mind trick powers because it would work SO well on me… But he fails to realize it’s not shiny so it won’t work.

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  • Ryou

    Coke and Lysol… *blinks*

    On the throat-slitting note, I grew up in Indonesia, which has a pretty strong Islamic culture. Mind you, in Islam, there’s a holiday that’s basically a slaughter festival, where in the past people with money would slaughter animals and give out the meat to the poor. Well, I was 4 or 5 back then, and my school thought it was a good idea to bring the kids, aged between 3 and 12, to see the process… I still can’t eat a goat over 20 years later. *shivers*

  • Rebecca

    Yellow christmas trees? Eeewww!!! Yeah, I’m thinking that they won’t be big sellers. And thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning. I can totally relate to getting distracted by pretty and/or shiny things; I do that all the time when I’m talking to my hubby. He just laughs and rolls his eyes at me. I just can’t help it! :HK:

  • lunableu

    I <3 you. You made me giggle. That is all.

  • I always wondered about the whole vegan/fake meat thing. Not to mention WHAT kind of chemicals do they use to get it to taste like meat??? Ew.

    I will admit though, having had some awesome tofu burgers just to try them. Pretty tasty–nothing like a real burger but very interesting.

    Boggles the mind what people thought would work as birth control O_o

    Watching Fast Food Nation was a real eye-opener. The book was even better.

  • I ate tofurkey on Thanksgiving. One of the few occasions during the year I will eat “fake” meat…pretty sure it tastes nothing like turkey–it sort of tastes like soy sauce–but it’s kind of good one day of the year. Also, it comes with fabulous rice “dressing” that is totally worth the whole thing.

    • I wonder if that’s why I didn’t like it. I don’t like regular soy sauce, but I like tamari. They were sampling tofurkey at new seasons once and I tried it and it was awful. >.> I’ve never been into fake meat. I do like the black bean morning star patty, I think it’s morningstar, but it just tastes yummy and spice, other than that, I’ve never been a fan of fake meat or soy in general. :( I wish Kai was at least a vegetarian. It would make things so much easier! But instead tonight when I bake brussels sprouts he’s going to watch em eat them with disgust while he eats his huntsmans cheese and summer sausage.