FOTD 12/14/11

Skin79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream
Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush

ELF brow wax
wetnwild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Collection Petal Pusher #736 L3

Evil Shades Cosmetics Spectrum Pot Padawan
frankenshadow taupe #1
frankenshadow taupe #2
Detrivore Cosmetics Omen
My Pretty Zombie Bride
Jordana Glitter Rocks Retractable Eyeliner Pencil Black Rocks! GM-01
Fairy Drops HbG x mascara
ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

Evil Shades Cosmetics Deviant Lipstick Devious Virtue
Evil Shades Cosmetics Hardcore Lips Deception

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  • Gorgeous! I really love this look. Your eyebrows looks incredible, too.

    • Thanks. :d I wish I had real brows in a nice shape so I wouldn’t have to paint them on. haha One day I shall have them lightly tattooed on so I don’t have to paint them on every day.

      • Sam

        Careful of the brow tattooing — my aunt had it done but with age and skin sagging, her real brows no longer line up with her tatted brows!!!

        At least you have a nice line of brows and didn’t wax right through the middle of your like I did a few weeks ago! LOL

        • lol ouch. I only have about 5 hairs on both sides. My brows were never thick, but they almost completely fell out a couple of weeks ago and aren’t growing back in. t.t I’ve never had to wax them, and only plucked the occasional random hair. So it stinks.

  • You are so rocking the blues (Hmm why is I’ll have a Blue Xmas playing in my head? lol) It looks so gorgeous on you!

    Your pink hair is still may favorite…I pinned your profile pick on my Pinterest board ;) Not that I’m a stalker or anything LOL

    • LOL Marin from Linnaeus always jokes about taping my picture to her fridge. At least you only put it on your pinterest board! lol

  • I <3 this. And your hair looks good!

  • Sam

    I love everything about this look! I hadn’t seen the new hair color yet – love it!

  • Soo

    I love how you did your eyebrows and your hair color looks awesome!

    • Thanks. :d The purple looks better than black for my brows. haha