Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Law Firm Lamb Cake, Rabid Weasel, Pasty Ass & Cookie Pants

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So I’ve had some of these shadows since October. :( I’ve been going between “SWATCH ALL THE COLORS” to “HALP I’M DEPRESSED AND ALSO DYING!”. So these are long overdue. I have for you Law Firm Lamb Cake, Rabid Weasel, Pasty Ass and Cookie Pants from My Pretty Zombie. Andrea outdid herself on Law Firm Lamb Cake, it’s just as awesome as Unicorn Pee. I’ll have to compare Unicorn Pee and Law Firm Lamb Cake for you later so you can see the differences. But for now LFLC appears to have pastel glitter and it goes from absolutely invisible to a lovely pink shade. It’s like magic. Seriously. Pasty Ass and Rabid Weasel are both mattes and super nice. They’re silky and smooth and work well even over shimmery primer/base.

Pasty Ass is a lovely neutral matte, it looks like my coffee after I drown it in creamer. xd Rabid Weasel is a pretty light gray color, it reminds me of a chinchilla. I love chinchillas. And then we have Cookie Pants. Beautiful, beautiful Cookie Pants. It’s a rich chocolatey(I don’t like chocolate, but I do like this shadow) brown. It’s just… so pretty. I like it a lot, and that is my official opinion. As usual Andrea shrink wraps all of her pretties and they come without sifters. AND THEY ARE ALL AWESOME! COLLECT ALL THE SHINIES FROM MPZ! I have 4 other shades from MPZ to swatch including shadow versions of her blushes THC and LSD. :d

These were swatched indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatched over Padawan Spectrum Pot From Evil Shades Cosmetics(which I love by the way, both Padawan and Andrea from ES, and over Glitter Glue from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Some of the photos are blurry. My camera refused to acknowledge Pasty Ass on my skin. Also the shift in Law Firm Lamb Cake refused to present itself in photos no matter what angle I tried. So please know the pinky shift is far more brilliant and beautiful in person. I swear. That is all.

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  • Oooh lamb cake does look awesome! I have Unicorn Pee, so I’ll proabably wind up getting this one too ;) Andrea is sooooooo awesomesauce! I will probably be using quite a few of her products for my Christmas Day look!

    I can see it now…
    My sister: Hey like your makeup!
    Me: It’s from My Pretty Zombie


  • I love Cookie Pants! (I love them all, but Cookie Pants has a great story). :HBEAT:

  • The Peach

    Wow! Look at LFLC! Beautiful! Great colors from MPZ!

  • Gorgeous colours! I still have yet to try MPZ, but I really want to!

    • Ohhh you must try her shadows. I haven’t found one yet that I dislike… and I has a lot. She pretty much has something for everyone, mattes, glitterbombs, shimmery, duochromes of awesome sauce. Yes, you must try. And you need MDMA blush. :d

      • Haha. I may have to. I can’t believe how insane MDMA is!