Swatches: Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Sophie from Femme Fatale Cosmetics contacted me at the end of November about trying some of her products and doing a review. I of course was happy to do so. I’d checked out her shadows a couple of times before and wanted to try them, so this was a perfect chance to do so! She let me pick out a full size chroma glow blush, 3 full size eyeshadows and 6 samples! Once I told her what I wanted to try my packaged arrived arrived on December 8th which seemed really quick considering she’s located in Australia. :)

I chose Exotic as my blush choice, Unholy, Wisp and Space Cow for full size shadows and Moonglow, Shooting Stars, Endless Winter, Polymorph, Elitist and Hibernate as my samples. I don’t want to make this a giant post, and I don’t want to repeat a whole lot for the review, but she packed it really well and the info card she included in my package was really well done and awesome. She also included a nice typed up note, with a handwritten note on it letting me know she’s in the middle of changing label design. Just from looking at the jars and baggies I knew I was going to love them. I swatched the blush first I was excited to try it. As you may(or may not) know I adore my MDMA blush from My Pretty Zombie, so I was anxious to see how this blush was going to stand up to MDMA. I have to say, it’s gorgeous. It’s like the pinky counterpart to MDMA. Exotic is a lovely bright pink with a blue shift and blue sparks. Ugh it’s equally as pretty as MDMA and I can tell I’m going to be wearing this a lot too.

Next I opened up my 3 full size shadows and! They’re beautiful. Unholy is an amazing black based shadow with a gorgeous purple and green shift depending on the angle and light. Wisp is(bear with me I’m bad with color descriptions!) kind of a purple/blue gray with blue sparks/shimmer. It’s beautiful. I tend to shy away from blue’s because I feel like they don’t look all that well on me, but this is gorgeous. Space Cow looks like a grayish lavender with pink sparks/shift to me. It’s beautiful as well. Okay let me just say, I liked ALL of the shadows I picked, a lot. So bear with me. I can’t find anything bad about them. xd

Moonglow is this icy blue that looks like it’s kind of grayed out but has a gold sheen and pink sparks/shimmer. It’s gorgeous. :O Shooting Stars is um really pretty. In the shop it’s listed as a light wisteria violet tinged with pink and highlighted with a heavy blue. I have to say I agree. It looks like a beautiful pinky purple and shifts into this beautiful pinky blue. Endless Winter is this gorgeous deep blue with a hint of purple that has gorgeous aqua sparks. It’s just… It looks like the night sky. Polymorph is described as a soft teal blue which shifts from pink to aqua. On me it looks like a beautiful taupe with aqua/pink sparks/shimmer. It’s gorgeous and I must have a full size(of all of my samples). Elitist is described as a gilded golden shadow with a scattering of silver sparks. I think this is spot on. It’s a gorgeous gold. And last but not least, Hibernate! Hibernate is described as a shamrock green with a subtle gold/copper shine. I have to say it’s a bit brighter in person and it has a beautiful gold shift. Now that I’ve um gone through all the colors I shall let you see photos. And I just have to say I have to BUY ALL THE SHADES! Seriously, if you’ve thought about trying FFC and passed them over, do yourself a favor and at the very least get some samples, and definitely pick up Exotic.

Blush was swatched on bare skin. Everything else was swatched over Evil Shades Cosmetics Spectrum Pot in Padawan, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.

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  • tahnia

    These products are BETTER than they look :) I have most of the eye shadows and I LOVE THEM ALL I have the worst sensitive eyes and most glittery products irritate them. But the FF range is awesome you can apply them wet with a brush really easily too HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Anyone who visits my blog regularly knows how much I love FFC! Go Aussie!

  • I can see I now need Moonglow :)

  • Super gorgeous! I’m in love with Hibernate and Unholy – such an interesting color.

    I love seeing that she puts time into providing information for her products.

  • FFC is definitely on my list of 2012 cosmetics I MUST GET, adding Exotic blush to that list ;)

  • I want the shooting star and exotic blush. :HK:

  • Oh good GOD, I want some of these colors.