Christmas 2011 through hipstamatic!

:( I didn’t realize my hipstamatic film got changed. Stupid shakey changey thingy. So these are all dark. :( I didn’t realize it had changed until all the presents were opened. So poop. But at least I got photos! My mom came up and watched Fumiko open presents too! She’s still recovering from having a stent put in her main artery so she gets tired and exhausted easily. But it was nice that she was able to come up and partake in christmas presents! Now she’s downstairs resting with Willow. :)

So presents!
Fumiko got some nice things. :d

  1. From Kai and I she got a Dead Tired Draculaura doll, and a Draculaura and Count Fabulous plushie.
  2. From Mamoo she got a Mad Science Lagoona Blue doll and a Lagoona Blue and Neptuna Plushie.
  3. From Grandma Sue and Grandpa Tom[1. They are actually Sascha’s biological grandparents but Fumiko adores them and they are grandma and grandpa to her. :d ] in Michigan she got a cute shirt, skirt, pants and a kitty hat and mittens. :d
  4. From Dawn she got a cute Hello Kitty plate and fork and spoon set.

So she got some nice goodies. For her birthday we got her a Starlite pillow pet[2. Which I’m seriously thinking about stealing.] and a Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf Monster High doll. We’ve checked at so many stores for monster high dolls of any kind and there were none, anywhere. I found this one when I went to get a japanese beer from Kai. It was seriously the last doll and she was on sale for $22. :d Fumiko really wanted the Draculaura, Frankie Stein or C.A. Cupid Sweet 1600 dolls but I can’t find them anywhere in stores and their prices are jacked up online. :( But I’m sure she’ll like the one we got her anyways. We’ll just work on getting the other ones later. Her birthday is on the 31st, then mine is on the 1st, then Kai’s is on the 7th, and his mom’s is on the 21st I think? Lots of January birthdays. I’m still not sure what cupcakes I’m going to do for her birthday and we still have to go get hello kitty themed birthday stuff. But yeah. Today was nice.

Kai got these awesome soft, fuzzy pants from his mom and a star wars light saber chap stick that lights up. haha I got him a bloodstone pendulum and his star wars game. I got a pair of lotus earrings from his mom which are awesome and I love them. She also got us an awesome new shower head. :d Kai used his new phone upgrade on my phone line so he got me a white iPhone for christmas. It’s seriously awesome and I don’t know how I lived without hipstamatic. :O Santa also brought Fumiko all sorts of goodies. Hello kitty crayons, tattoos, a coloring book, a coloring thing that rolls out and you can cut off individual coloring things, hello kitty, chococat and keroppi socks and some candy. She’s been super happy and calm and sitting quietly playing with her dolls. Though at one point the Neptuna plushie was a zombie and Draculaura and Lagoona Blue had to murder her. O.O

No christmas dinner today. It was not in our budget and I am not up to cooking all that much anymore. :( Kai’s been doing most of the cooking and I’ve basically been eating steamed broccoli, roasted brussels sprouts and carrots, and sauteed spinach with lemon juice. Not much is agreeing with me lately. :(

So yeah. It’s been a nice day. :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and staying safe! <3 haha and now Fumiko is watching monster high. xd

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  • Merry Christmas to all of you! Fumiko totally made out — I want that Draculaura plushie!

    And I agree – Hipstamatic rules and it just keeps getting better and better!

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    Merry Christmas! It was fun to see pics of Fumi opening gifts. I missed you guys this weekend. I really CANNOT wait to give you your gifts! We had a fab weekend, but my fibromyalgia is so bad today after such a crazy stress filled and long car rides week, plus maybe a cold? Maybe bad allergies? Just tired. So today I am staying home to rest up. Oh and I do not know when you changed your font on here…I may not have been paying attention (oops) but I absolutely LOVE it!!! All scrolly and flowy.

  • Awww Fumiko is adorable!! Love your earrings :)

    My daughter got an iPhone from my parents. I’m so jealous lol.

    I’ve pretty much been eating sweet potato casserole today. Anything that requires me being out of bed for an extended time just causes my CFS/Fibro/etcs to flare horribly. So my throat is constantly sore as are all my lymph nodes. So yeah I feel your pain. I’m so sorry. It sucks to feel bad on Christmas :(

    *GIANT HUGS* xoxoxo

  • Awesome photos!