Have you tried de Leon Cosmetics yet?

I saw some swatches of their lip products a couple of months back and *loved* them. However I completely forgot about them until today. Whoops. They’re based in Australia and have different lip products, eyeshadow, foiling medium and primer. I think that’s it. They’re a bit pricey but their products look amazing. They offer lip gloss and colored lip balm in the same shades and there are currently four shades that I would die for. I think later this month if I can I’m going to place a sample order just to try them to see which ones I really want. They’re beautiful. The shades I’m lusting after are #01 Looks better in red – lipstick & lipgloss, #04 Let the wookie win – lipstick & lipgloss, #13 I aim to misbehave – lipstick & lipgloss and #75 Maybe he’s over her – lipstick & lipgloss. They’re beautiful. They just released some new shades today(which is why I was reminded about them). Let the wookie win and Maybe he’s over her are two of the shades they added today. The photos below are from their shop and show the gloss on the left and lipstick on the right. :)

So has anyone tried their lippies? What do you think? Is it worth the price? :)

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  • i really like de leon’s glosses. it’s so pigmented and non-sticky <– the reasons why i hate glosses and now i'm in love again. i was lucky enough to be able to sample some of the glosses and they're all shades of beautiful reds (if you love red, you have to try them!) the price can be an issue, it's expensive when compared to the US indies but everything are so expensive here, just as gladys explained. in aust postal charge is ridiculous!

  • Rachel

    Hi, I just receive my gloss yesterday. I ordered Ambassador. I love it! For me, it wasn’t sticky or too shiny and was comfortable on. I’ll be ordering some more soon.

    Rachel xx

  • Expensive by overseas standards indeed, but these are indeed more affordable to what I have to deal with when purchasing cosmetics here in Australia – where the same MAC lipstick the US has for $18-$20 is $32 minimum here :p So yes, for me I find the glosses and lip balms to be affordable for me.

    Gladys was very kind to send me some lip samples – and They are honestly right up there with Morgana Cryptoria gloss quality. We’re talking non sticky (and there’s no greasy/oily feel to it – just very luxurious on the lips), opaque lip glosses, and creamy, smooth tinted lip balms. So far I’ve tried I Aim To Misbehave and it’s very very pretty! The gloss is rather like a liquid lipstick, as it packs a lot of colour and you don’t have to put on so much product to achieve an opaque finish. The tinted lip balm can easily be built up with only a few coats if you want something a touch more colourful.

    Will be placing an order for a full size gloss with left over xmas money :) I’m pretty sure you could order a sample as well, but don’t quote me on that!

    prettymom dot org has some great swatches of some of the lip colours as well!

  • Thankyou so much for featuring my company on your blog. It was such a surprise when I saw it there on my blog reader!

    I would like to address the price issue. Yes, we are pricey and I HATE it but unfortunately the Postal systems around the world seem to think its ok to charge such ridiculous prices. I try and source as many supplies here in Australia to keep the costs down but a lot of my ingredients do get shipped in from the States and there is no free shipping for me. I am hoping that as the business gets larger and we can afford to buy in bigger amounts, then the prices can come down. As a side note and I’m sure any Australian cosmetic buyer will agree, we get absolutely gauged on cosmetics here. To give you an example, Revlon Colorstay foundation is $38 full price here. I’m depressed at your prices! The upside is that in Australia $14.50 for a full pigment lipgloss is a steal!

    Enough negatives. I look forward to filling your order and can I be cheeky enough to mention that I released three more colours today and there will be more upcoming!

    Gladys de Leon
    de Leon Cosmetics

  • Wow,they are expensive, but the glosses look amaaazing, defo lemming some of those now!