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Thank you to Astrid(from Blooddrop) for sending me an amazing little gift box of kindness(she sent me luna moth <3 ), and thank you to whoever chose me for a little cheer. <3 It had me in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t even know what to say except, thank you. It’s beautiful and I appreciate it so much. <3 <3 <3 Astrid picked out scents for me that are beautiful. She sent me a perfume oil in Very, Very, Very Good and Luna Moth. She also sent a sugar polish in Mink, and a Kiss Kiss Lip Balm in Marshmallow Pumpkin. Again, thank you both so much.


Since I live under a rock when it comes to any kind of news, I learned about Instagram being purchased by Facebook from Luna V. I suggest you google up information about this purchase so you can have all of your ducks in a row. I personally have decided to delete my account. At least for now, until I see what direction things will go.

Now if you’re like me and you need want a replacement for Instagram, you don’t really have to go far. Searching the app store you can find quite a few photo programs. I’ll be quickly going over a few. Hopefully this will be of some help to you. :) I’ve personally tried Hipstamatic, Camer+ and Pixlr-o-matic. The other few I’m going to mention I found by googling and browsing the app store.

hipstamatic-iconHipstamatic This is pretty popular. I don’t think I need to go into a bunch of detail but here is some info. Histamatic is pretty handy. I generally take my photos with it and post the photos through another program. In Hipstamatic you can purchase different films, flashes, lenses and camera faces. It has two different flashes a soft and hard flash. You have tons of options with this app, between the films and lenses. You can double tap the little screen to open up a full size screen that you just tap anywhere to take a picture. This is my favorite feature. Hipstamatic can be shared to facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr and flickr. It has no friends feed.

Pixlr-o-matic-big-icon_1935Pixlr-o-matic Is a super fun photo app. There are endless effects and borders. It comes with a buttload of them, but you can also get more for free straight from the app. With the effects you can turn it black and white, make it more warm, make it look oldschool, there are tons of colors and styles to choose from. Tom is a bad ass black and white effect and Roxy/Ronnie are two of my favorite color effects. Now you have overlays. These are fun. You can add bokeh, and all sorts of light effects to your photo. You can also make your photo look super old by adding scratches and what not. The borders are pretty awesome. Peri and Sloppy are my favorite borders. You can share photos from Pixlr-o-matic to your photo library, itunes, facebook, flickr,, dropbox and you can email them. :)

Camera+ …the-ultimate-photo-app-e1292981987493Camera+ Now if you thought Pixlr-o-matic had a lot of options then you’re going to love Camera+. Hokay. There are literally hundreds of options in Camera+. Let’s see. We have scenes which are your standard photo editing tools, clarity, auto, flash, cloudy, etc. Which adjust you can turn the photo to the right or left or flip it horizontally or vertically. You can also crop your photos either with preset shapes or you can freeform crop it. Now you have fx effects. You can choose from color, special, retro and I <3 analog. Each one has their own different filters. You can also choose your borders. You have simple borders or styled. Alrighty. When you take photos from the app itself you have touch exposure, 6x zoom, continuous flash, touch focus and advanced shooting modes. It’s pretty awesome. You can share to email, text message, create a web link, facebook, twitter or flickr. No friends feed.

PicYouPicYou PicYou is almost an Instagram doppelganger. It pretty much works the same way, however it has a fewmore filters and pro filters. It looks like you can purchase pro filters for $.99. If you want something close to Instagram then this would be your best bet. It’s a pretty simple camera/photo editor, with some filters and frames. You can share your photos to facebook and twitter. Has a friends feed.

eyeem-chickletEyeEm So this is an interesting app. When you first sign in and load up the app it looks like another Instagram type app. However you quickly find out that it’s not. When taking a photo you can swipe left or right and it changes the filters right there while taking a photo. If you swipe up and down it changes borders. So that’s pretty neat. You can adjust your photo without have to take it first. Now when you load a photo you’ve already taken, you can adjust the filter and border as normal. When you get ready to share your photo you can tap on add topic and you can select pre-made topics or you can type your own. With EyeEm you can share with facebook, twitter, tumblr, flickr and foursquare. Has a friends feed.


camawesomeCamera Awesome
I may have found my new love. Just go download it. Seriously. Okay I’ll list a few awesome things. IT HAS SCREEN TOUCH CAMERA OMG. The main reason I use Hipstamatic is because I can tap the screen to take a photo instead of trying to press that damn little button to take a photo. Seriously I fail at it. d= Okay… It has image stabilization, slow burst, fast burst, timer and interval when taking a photo. When you edit a photo you have awesomize that adjust sharpness, temperature, vibrance and contrast. It has fx presets, filters, textures and frames. There is so much awesome I can’t even tell you. You can set up 1-tap share, which allows you obviously to hit share and it shares to all the places you set up for it to share. Aaaaand you can share to smugmug, facebook, twitter, flickr, picasa, photobucket, youtube and tumblr. Oh also you can take videos with it. >.> I don’t even wanna add any more apps. This one is so awesome. No friends feed.

aviaryiconPhoto Editor by Aviary Aviary is like a clean, spruced up version of Instagram. You can either take a photo, or get a photo from your camera roll. You can edit your photo with enhance, effects, frames, stickers and orientation. It comes with preset effects and you can also purchase new ones for $.99. I wish it had a friends feed, but it doesn’t. :(

imagesFlickr So I had absolutely no idea that Flickr had an app for my phone. Out of all the photo apps I’ve tried up there^. this is the prettiest interface. Gah it is. I’ve had a flickr account for ages but I decided to skip the pro account for now. Uh I think I may be starting back up. Okay besides having an awesome interface it pretty much has most of the features when using the web version of flickr. When adding a photo on your phone it allows you to use a few filters. Also when you upload you can choose to share on facebook, twitter, tumblr and email. You can also choose to browse your contacts and group photos. It’s pretty much web flicker on crack for your phone. I would list all of the features but you can just brows regular flickr for that. xd

Okay typing done for the month. xd I hope this is a little helpful to someone. Now I have to go through my phone and remove the photo apps I won’t use. BLOOD. SWEAT AND TEARS I tried all the apps. :p


Soooo. I’m a little late on uh swatching this collection. >.> But better late than never right? :d So this is the Hallow’s Eve Shiro Cosmetics Collection. Obviously this is inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. <3 I have Finkelstein, Ragdoll, Oogie Boogie and Pumpkin King eyeshadows. And there is a beautiful orange lip gloss called This is Halloween. It’s a kind of a rusty-red-orange gloss. It’s gorgeous. I love me some orange lippies and this one is at the top. :) It’s also flavored, chocolate pumpkin cheesecake. Om nom nom. Finkelstein is a lovely sheer sickeningly green with blue and purple sparks. Ragdoll is an almost faded rusty red with purple and blue sparks. Oogie Boogie is a grayed out zombie rising up out of a swamp green with green/blue sparks. Last but not least is Pumpkin King! It’s a sort of dark and dreary autumn forest with falling leaves on the ground with coppery moonlight sparkles. It’s a beautiful collection. >.> Too bad it’s not up anymore. *cough* I bit the dust on this post. t.t But here look at the pretties!

Finkelstein is a somewhat sheer, ultra-pale ghoulish green-yellow-grey with blue shimmer.
Ragdoll is a lightly faded rust matte base filled with lilac and blue sparkles.
Oogie Boogie is a swampy green-beige with a muted velvety finish.
Pumpkin King is a very blackened copper packed with orange sparkles.
This Is Halloween is a Medium shimmery red-orange. It is chocolate pumpkin cheesecake flavored.



press sample

I apologize if anything is spelled wrong or generally effed up. I’m nodding off so sleep so that is my excuse. Good night.

Andrea from My Pretty Zombie is a doll and sent me a Pretty Parasite Collection, which by the way I was anxious to swatch. So here we go! We have Culex, Tosocara, Osedax, Spirometra, Lipeurus and Pelodera! Spirometra is my favorite followed by Toxocara. :d Let’s see Culex is this lovely red/orange shade, it looks like the inside of a blood orange with gold and green sparks. Toxocara is this lovely dusty lavender shade filled with multi-colored sparks. Osedax is this sort of milk chocolate-minky brown with gold and purple sparks. Spirometra is a darkened sage with green and purple sparks. My husband would turn off the light right now. d= Anyways Lipeurus is a forest green that’s been aged and turned slightly taupe with gold and green sparks. Last but not least, we have Pelodera. It’s a blue bird blue with aqua and purple sparks!

Official descriptions

The Pretty Parasite collection is available here from My Pretty Zombie. You will receive product(6) in a jar without a sifter, packed 1.5g by weight.

All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over bare skin, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer.

Pelodera: Mica, titanium dioxide, blue #1 lake, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, ferric ferrocyanide, tin oxide, ultramarines, silica, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (vegan)

Osedax: Mica, titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide, silica, carmine, iron oxide, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (NOT vegan)

Toxocara: Mica, titanium dioxide, ferric ferrocyanide, cosmetic glitter, carmine, tin oxide, silica, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (NOT vegan)

Culex: Mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, carmine, copper powder, silica, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (NOT vegan)

Spirometra: Mica, titanium dioxide, tin oxide, iron oxide, carbon black, blue #1 lake, yellow #5, hydrogenated polyisobutene, palmitic acid, ferric ferrocyanide, ultramarines, silica, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (vegan)

Lipeurus: Mica, d&c black #2, polyester 3, titanium dioxide, silica, tin oxide, synthetic flurophylogopite, magnesium myristate. (vegan)


EDIT: Uh I had to reinstall the theme. Things look shitty. I am giving up for the moment so I guess happy yellow, dolphins. Yes dolphins. Also Adolphin really likes grapes. Om nom nom.

So uh. I decided to change themes. I’m still in the process of changing things so just a heads up it looks stupid for the moment. Probably moments. Too tired and lazy to fix it now. So yeah. That’s that.


While I generally don’t discuss politics with people, I have to say I am extremely relieved and grateful that Obama won. On that note, I am still behind on blog posts. :( So many things left to swatch. Looks like I’ll be on a low buy for a long time. Though that’s good, right? Between saving for cheek piercings/tattoo, Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving and birthday gifts we’ll be tapped out for awhile. Though happy news! Husband was approved for a sales position, this past week he was finally promoted. I think by the beginning of the year we’ll be totally caught up and alright.

Hopefully I’ll be referred to a neurologist and infectious disease specialist through project access soon. Another one of those, I need to go but I’m afraid to go things. :( Still bummed that endocrinologist tests came back normal. Seriously starting to believe I really am crazy. :( Spent yesterday reorganizing my room… again and watching hoarders. Made miso soup last night with lots of mushrooms. Children have been sick, and now I have littlest child’s sick, while bigger child feels better. All they’ve wanted is miso soup. They’ve been eating it all week so I needed to make more. Thank goodness it’s easy to make. Now I just need to find some Japanese squash to put in it. Another day.


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press sample

Hooray! Part one of part two of Black Rose Minerals second Hallow’s Eve Not Another Zombie. This is a really lovely collection, however I have to gush. Sinister Urge is amazing, you can see it on Claire here I haven’t tried it on my eye balls yet but I need to soon. It’s beautiful in the jar and swatched. It’s just gorgeous. I failed to capture the beautiful shift, it’s just so beautiful in person. Now that that is over… Alrighty.

So I have three beautiful shades from the Not Another Zombie collection. I have Demonoid Phenomenon is a sort of pale coral with blue/purple sparks. It really is lovely. Demonspeeding is an almost taupey green with gold and blue/green sparks. Sinister Urge is, well if you took a navy blue and made it super light and dusty and gave it a pink shift, you would have Sinister Urge. It’s quickly shoving it’s way to my list of shadows I need a backup of.

All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over bare skin, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer.

Demonoid Phenomenon is a rose with blue sparkles.
Demonspeeding is a musty green with a bit of orange, lime and green glitter.
Sinister Urge is a light blue with pink sheen.




Woot! Mo from Madd Style Cosmetics let me ask her a few questions. :)

Luna: How long have you been making indie cosmetics, and what made you start?
Mo: I started Madd Style Cosmetics in February of 2010, however I had been making cosmetics for the better part of a year prior to opening. I’ve always considered myself an artist. Creating is a passion of mine. I’ve worked with many mediums however, after being a part of the online beauty community for so long, and modeling for indie companies, the science behind making cosmetics become more and more intriguing. Before MSC, I owned “Madd Style Designs”. I sold hand-made cosmetic bags and vegan lip balms. Extending my cosmetics line, at that time, just seemed like the most logical – and natural- thing to do.

Luna: Do you have any future plans for different products? Any future collections in the works?
Mo: Currently I am working on 2 Collections (possibly 3! shhh!) for Halloween. After that the Holidays will be in full swing, so there will be plenty of new product coming out within the next few months. Recently I started releasing blushes from MSC’s new “Cheek Chic” line, I plan on coming out with one or two more cheek colors by the end of the year, as well as a “re-release” of my Optimus Primer with new packaging.

Luna: What is your favorite item that you make?
Mo: Of course I am bias, but I love the eye shadows. lol. The major thing that sets Madd Style apart from other indie (and mainstream) companies is the complexity and uniqueness of the shadows. While MSC does offer a wide range of simple, more practical colors, I am a huge fan of the ones that “do tricks”. The ones that change color, are pressure sensitive, have color-shifting sparkle, and duo-chromatic finishes are my most favorite to create… and wear!

Luna: What is your favorite beauty item from another indie company?
Mo: I LOVE MTCoffinz’s pressed eye shadows and color balms. I only have one color balm but I can already foresee an addiction happening. lol

Luna: Would you rather be a Crow or a Bat?
Mo: Bat! For no good reason other than they look more badass, are unique in their existence, and sonar is cool. lol

Luna: Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Mo: Just a big thank you to you, Luna, and your readers, for taking the time to show MSC some love. Over the past 2.5 (almost 3) years Madd Style has grown to be very successful and I count my blessings everyday. I’m so proud, and honored, to be where I am today and will never forget that it’s because of all of “you”. <3

MSC is an awesome company run by an awesome lady. Her shadows are beautiful. She’s got some really interesting and unique duochromes. Like Seedless for example. It’s a pretty pink with a green shift. So is Final Fantasy. It’s a gray/green base with a pretty gold duochrome. MSC is definitely a company you should peruse and buy. Samples come in little clam shells and aren’t always up. So if you want samples check her shop periodically. It’s really worth it. :)


press sample

It’s taken me forever to get these swatched. I uh also misspelled Fortunato… A lot. >.> So uh just ignore that. Ahem. Here is part two of the Black Rose Minerals collection of the Perverse. I have Annabele Lee, Fortunato and Premature Burial. Surprisingly I really like Fortunato. It’s basically exactly what Rosa described. It looks like slightly old yellowed bone. Premature Burial is gorgeous. It’s an almost deep darkened taupe with pink and gold sparks. I swear I see silver sparks in it, but I’m probably just going crazier. Annabele Lee this amazing dark bright blue that I think is slightly on the cool side. It’s crazy bright with gold and/or copper sparks. This was a lovely collection and I’m a jerkface for not getting it swatched sooner. Also hand disclaimer. My shaky/twitchy hands are getting worse. d= It’s hard to take non-blurry swatches. A tripod is on my list of stuff to get. That would help a lot.

Premature Burial is an earthy brown glistens with pink and gold sparkles.
Annabele Lee is a slightly deep bright ocean blue with copper sparkles.
Fortunato is a creamy white tinged with yellow is reminiscent of old bones.

All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over bare skin, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Kiss M Sass Cosmetics IEye Primer.




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I feel really horrible. I should have had these swatched over a month ago. I am a horrible person. Sorry Rosa! <3 So this is Black Rose Minerals Collection of The Perverse part one. There are six shadows in this collection. I have for you Haunted Palace, Red Death and Nevermore. Such pretty sparkly shadows. Seriously so pretty.I love Haunted Palace so much. I need to pair it with Blood Moon to see how it looks! >.>

Let’s see. Haunted Palace is this dusty blue/gray shade with purple sparks. Seriously my camera wouldn’t pick up all the sparks but oh my god you need it. Red Death is a sort of rusted red with lots of gold sparks. Nevermore is amazingly sparkly too. It’s an seriously blackened green. It has tons of blue and green sparks. She did a good job on this collection! I will hopefully do the other three soon. d= When my hands stop being assholes. Sorry about them being blurry. :( My hands were shaking too much. Stupid hands! WTF

Haunted Palace: A light blue grey.
Nevermore: A blackened green with blue and green shimmer.
Red Death: Red loaded with red and gold shimmer.

All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over bare skin, Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue and Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Ivory Matte Eye Primer.


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