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I have for you the December colors from Detrivore Cosmetics! This collection includes #140 Decline, #141 Aurum, #142 Topiary, #143 Mimicry, #144 Nocturnal and #145 Predatory. These are awesome neutrals for those who can’t wear bright/bold colors to work, or for those who simply prefer more neutral colors. :d

I really like these shades, they’re really nice neutrals, however my favorites are Predatory, Aurum and Topiary. Predatory is a lovely light shimmery pink, which I didn’t actually own. Aurum is a pastel yellow/gold-ish mix and Topiary is a beautiful shimmery light taupe.

All swatches were done over Evil Shades Cosmetics Spectrum Pot in Padawan, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. All photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Enjoy!


I’ve been sick, so please bear with me. I was supposed to post this yesterday, but blargh.

Do you want me to swatch/review Sugarpill Cosmetics and/or Lime Crime Makeup?

My answer: I have no problem swatching/reviewing either. Based on the poll more people view as not being indie, thank being indie. With that being said a lot of people said they would like to see me swatch/review both, which is why there is yet another q&a about them. xd I’d also like to note that yes, I know about all of the drama surrounding Xenia and Lime Crime. I plan on reviewing them honestly based on their products and how things are handled, my opinion on the drama has no bearing on that. That goes for any and all companies I review/swatch that have a less than stellar reputation. Just putting that out there. I know a lot of people don’t like Lime Crime and I’m sure there will be people who dislike other companies I swatch/review, but I’m going to anyways, regardless of whether or not I really like them, or anyone else. xd

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