It’s on! It’s earring time!

Thanks to a couple of people I now have earring supplies ordered. The only thing I’m missing is a postal scale, earring cards and tissue paper! Hopefully I can get those with Kai’s final check. We’ll see. By the way if you missed it, Kai lost his job today. :( Which is why I am scrambling to bring in money. He’ll be going in with Ben in the morning to apply for unemployment and food stamps. Ugh. Never thought we’d be in a position like this. :( Things were already tight, so this is a huge blow. Hoping he’ll find a good paying job that he likes. So positive intentions are greatly appreciated right now. <3 If you’d like to help at all there’s a paypal button over there -> to the right. Many thanks and appreciation for any help.

Anyways. I wanted to show you what beads I ordered for the earrings. I’m going to be using un-dyed gemstones and swarovski crystals. The earring hooks themselves are titanium so people with allergies shouldn’t have any issues. :) I’m super excited. So these are the beads I’m starting out with. Once things start selling and funds come in I’ll start adding more gems. I wanted to start with peridot though because the lyme ribbon is lime green and the purpose of this(besides income) is to help raise awareness about lyme disease. :) Anyways onto the pretties!

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  • MissMidnightBlue

    I can’t wait to see your pretties! :d I will be buying from you when I get on my own feet.

    I’m sorry to hear about your hubby’s job. :( It sucks don’t it. This economy sucks balls.

  • ANA

    Looking forward to buying a pair!

  • Rebecca

    This economy is a bitch; my hubby has been off work for the most part for the past few years. The beads for the earrings are gorgeous! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some when they are available. And you obviously know that Kat chick is a b*#ch and doesn’t matter. We’re all here for you. Hang in there sweety! :HK:

  • lunableu

    Wow, Kat is such a delightful person, isn’t she?
    First of all, indie business is hard WORK!
    Second of all, it’s none of your damn business why she does or does not get a job outside the home. However if you’d read her blog, or just her profile, you might get a clue as to why your b*tchy comment is so amazingly off the mark.

    Luna, screw the ignorant people! You do what works best for you and your family. I’m sending good vibes for you all! <3

  • Hey Kat – if she gets a job, are you going to come over and clean her house, take care of her kids, feed her family and take care of her Lyme? For free? Because that’s just a fraction of what Luna has to do everyday. Without getting paid. So get off your own fat ass and get a brain.

    Luna, I think you’re amazing, and I will be buying from you as soon as I’m back on my own feet.

  • @Kat- Why don’t you get off the fucking internet and get a life….better yet get a damn heart! Trolls are such a waist of perfectly good bandwidth!

    Manda, just remember that everything happens for a reason and it may be rough right now but your family can make it through this rough patch and you’ll be stronger and better as a unit in the end! Sending my love and waiting to see some badass moonstone ear-bobs!

  • kat

    Why dont u get off your fat ass and get a motherfucking job!

    • A home business, such as crafting for cash, is a job, genius.

    • “Kat” don’t be a twat please. She’s got Lyme Disease, which you would know if you were a regular reader of this blog and not just here to be a (super ineffective) troll. GTFO.

    • Thanks for the comment Kat! :d

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      Why dont u get off your fat ass and get a motherfucking job!

    • Vannah

      Wow, the ignorance astounds me. Like Bekka said a home business IS very much a job. Do you go around telling all the other indie companies dumb shit like that?? I hope you are stricken with a serious illness that gets so bad that you no longer work—if you even do.

  • I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I’ve been without one since September last year. I know it’s tough. ):

    But! I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (:

  • Lacquer Ninja

    Oh my goodness. I loooove the green gem stones. Count me in when you start making earrings, I will be more than happy to buy a few pairs. Especially if you do a matching necklace or bracelet <3 My thoughts and positive vibes go out to you and your family right now. *hugs* Stay awesome.

  • I’ll buy something when my unemployment comes in. Those beads are beautiful! I wish you and your family all the best. <3

  • Oh no, Luna I’m so sorry! I completely understand–my husband got laid off in September after 19yrs w/ the company. Out of the blue. Thankfully he got a job right before Xmas and it’s a better job for him.

    Have faith. Everything will be ok. And as always, we’re here for you!! *HUGS*

    Congrats on the jewelry! I will be sure to check your work out–Starting an Etsy shop is super easy and cheap. I will be happy to post your biz on my blog.

    Love you dear–beautiful colors you chose! If you decide to do peacock, I am SO THERE ;)

  • In so sorry to hear about your husbands job! Mine lost his back in October and has yet to find a perm job :( we are struggling so badly, especially cuz we immediately lost medical which meant no more scripts for my chronic disease. I really feel for you and your family and sending lots of good thoughts your way. All the best!