I feel like poo

Sso I’m not feeling all that well right now. I’ve been put on insulin and doxycycline. My doctor also insisted I stop the cymbalta cold turkey because of the reactions I was having. I took my mom to NARA on Friday for her appointment and our doctor ended up taking care of me because I looked like “death warmed over”. Quote from my dr. They did an EKG which was all over the place. When they checked my pulse it was over 130. Blogging on my phone from bed. Please forgive typos and such.

Blogging will probably be very slow for a bit. I’m on doxy for 3 weeks which is already making me herx. That coupled with the withdrawl symptoms from the cymbalta are kicking my ass. My skin is literally crawling. It feels like there are bugs under my skin everywhere. I feel like I’m dying basically. Ugh. I’ll try to feet some swatches done but no guarantees. I’m hoping once the cymbalta withdrawals go away I’ll feel a little better.

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  • Don’t worry about us–we’re here for you! Just take gentle care of yourself.

    Withdrawal is a bitch (lyrica was HORRIBLE). Is there anyway your doc can give you some ativan to help you get thru the worst of it?

    I’m so sorry hon *hugs* Hang in there. Do whatever makes you feel better.

  • get feeling better soon!

  • Rebecca

    Ugh! I feel ya; going off meds like that cold turkey is less than fun. If I even forget to take it for a day I always get what I call “zappy” feelings in my head. Hang in there and take care of yourself. We’ll be here waiting. <3 :HK:

  • being sick sucks. hope you feel better soon.

  • Andrea

    hope u can feel better soon

  • That sounds awful :( I hope you feel better soon -hug-

  • Aw. ): *hugs* I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  • Get well soon love. <3

  • I hope you fell better soon, It horrible when your not well especially when you can’t do much. x