Blud, bluuuuuuud, BLUUUUUD!

Beware, there is blood… and lots of bitching…

Sooo. I ended up going to ER yesterday. My blood sugar wouldn’t come down. Between the withdrawal from cymbalta and the herxing from the doxy I felt like I was dying and going crazy. I wasn’t planning on going to the ER, but several people that I now hate( <3 ) threatened to either call 911 or come pick me up. :( So I reluctantly went.

It took them 6ish hours to get my blood sugar down to 245. I had several EKG’s because my heart and pulse were going crazy. They gave me two bags of fluid, insulin and anti-nausea medication which made me sick. That photo up there? That’s after the nurse cleaned my arm up and after she took the iv thinger off to try to give me insulin through that part of the thing in my arm. Unfortunately all that happened was my blood went all over her. She wasn’t wearing gloves either. There was blood all over my arm, all over her hands and arms and all over the floor and the side of the bed. Ugh.

Anyways. I hate the hospital. My mom ended up telling the admitting nurse that I took 10 units of her insulin to try to get my blood sugar down, which resulted in the nurse chastising me about taking other peoples medications all the way to the room, thanks mom. After we got to the room I had to strip. Lucky me I thought ahead and wore my hippie dress that has no straps. Nurse gave me the XS gown… which fit like half of my body. So she had to get me a new one. Gown down. Then she tried to insert an iv and take my blood. *sigh* I hate this part, so much. She poked me once got a whole syringe of blood out but the iv wasn’t working, or something strange. So she thoroughly checked both of my arms and then tried again just above her other attempt. NOPE. So another nurse came in and she asked her to try. She got it, then inserted the iv thing extremely slow. I swear it felt like it took an hour and it hurt as much too. So she got it in and then tried to put the blood the previous nurse got into the vials except it clotted. t.t So she had to draw a new syringe of blood, got the vials filled, got the iv going and then the dr came in.

And then my mom overloaded her mouth again and told him I’ve been LIVING on freaking muffins. *rage* I’ve had 4 muffins in the past week. I’ve literally been living on chick peas, spinach, broccoli and brussels sprouts for more than a couple of weeks. So I got lectured about living on muffins and how I need to stay away from carbs etc. Thanks mom. The doctor literally looked like he should be in my bed instead of me. They checked my blood sugar which was over 500 but I can’t remember what it was. They gave me insulin directly into my iv. I hadn’t eaten since 9am and went in at 530 I think. I asked if I could have something to drink because my mouth was so dry I couldn’t swallow. So they gave me ice chips. By 8pm I felt like I was going to puke from not eating. So they gave me the anti-nausea medication through iv and then gave me sugar free cherry jello which tasted like cherry nyquil. The anti-nausea medication? It didn’t work. Ugh. Oh they also hooked me up to the heart monitor because my mom kept telling everyone I was having heart problems and palpitations, which I wasn’t. But oh well. Around 9pm the monitor started going crazy and was doing the emergency beep thing. It kept showing my blood pressure going from normal to like 200/100 then back down and my pulse was going crazy up and down. So they brought in the ekg machine and ended up giving me ekgs 5 or 6 different times. Eventually they decided my monitor was picking up interference from something because the ekg showed my pulse at 108 when the monitor showed it at like 130. However the ekg thingy was all over the place.

They literally had me lay still for almost 2 hours while they were doing ekg’s and checking my pulse and what not because of the stupid monitor. I seriously had sticky things all over my body. Also I had to pee really bad and they made me wait for like an hour before letting me go. t.t I think they checked my blood sugar on every one of my fingers. They actually somehow bruised my pinky from checking my blood sugar and the last nurse that took it actually put a little round bandaid on it, which Kai found incredibly funny after I got home and showed him all of my wounds and sticky things and told him what happened. I guess it was kind of funny. I’ve never had anyone put a bandaid on my finger after checking my blood before. Also people kept coming in and saying “Wow you look pale and sick”… Yeah, about that… I AM PALE AND SICK. Also every time a nurse or the doctor would come in they’d ask how my pain was and I would tell them it was no worse than usual. Then they would ask what was wrong, and I’d have to tell them I have lyme disease, then they’d be all “ohh. I’m sorry, that must suck” or “ohhh. What’s that?”. Have I mentioned I hate hospitals? :c Over all it was annoying and painful and I just wanted to come home. The doctor didn’t prescribe me insulin or anything. He literally told me to check in with my regular doctor, and said to use my moms insulin until I got in to see her… No “come back if blah doesn’t get better” or anything. Also my phone exploded when I got out of the hospital. It doesn’t get signal in there. So I had a bunch of text messages and Kai sent me a photo of Mochi sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come home. When I got home she was still there and as soon as I walked in the door she ran down to me and wanted me to pick her up. Fumiko was asleep since it was 12 :3 0am when we got home. But yay, Mochi missed me. Also. They wouldn’t let me take my medication in the hospital. Which sucked because my hands started swelling and hurting because I hadn’t taken my 2nd or 3rd dose of it. :(

I hate hospitals. Have I mentioned that? Ugh. Next time you guys tell me to go to the hospital I’m not listening! :p My blood sugar was back up to 524 when I woke up. My skin is still crawling, I feel like I’ve been poisoned and I feel like I’m losing my mind. My entire body feels like it’s shaking. I’m antsy and nervous and I need to do something. I’m going to try to clean. I hurt but I can’t sit here I’m going crazy. I know it’s from the cymbalta and the doxycycline. I’m herxing and having withdrawal issues. I’m glad I didn’t stay on the cymbalta. I’ve only been on it for 2 months and the withdrawals are hell. :/ I can’t imagine how it would feel to go off of it after being on it for longer. Ugh.

I have to say thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it. Here’s to hoping I feel half way normal soon, and that Kai finds a good job super quick. Now I shall… Go do something before I go nuts. WTF

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  • Do you have type 1 or 2 diabetes?

  • MissMidnightBlue

    I haaaaaate ER’s and doctors and all that! I hope you are feeling much better soon. :( *squishes*

  • I feel Godawful whenever my blood sugar gets over 200, I can’t imagine having one that high for so long. I’d go through all of my insulin pens and then go insane. >.<
    I hate hospitals, too. Luckily though, whenever we do have to go in, my aunt works in the ER. She knows all of our medical history, and we know she'll take good care of us.

    Hugs and prayers!

  • Olga

    I really hope you are better now!

  • Daintynymph

    I’m sorry your medical experiences have been so terrible all around. My mom’s a nurse, so I grew up with the idea that hospitals and doctor visits are a pain and a nuisance to deal with but do help. I guess when you’ve got as much going crazy with your body as you do, there’s very little that “professionals” can do to help. Just pretend that you visited an old timey hospital where the standard treatment was bloodletting! Maybe a touch of humor can take away some of the pain.

  • Sorry to hear about all your trouble, I have had medical trouble lately. It’s horrible because you feel so helpless. Wishing you the best

  • I’m lighting a candle for you honey (it’s not white, it’s a Christmas/pine scented one, I hope that’s ok). I hate ERs as well. IF you have a choice, and HAVE to go again, try a different one. We have 3 to choose from in a 30 min. radius and 1 is exceptional, 1 is ok, and the last–I wouldn’t take my tog there for a grooming. Heck I liked the ER near Bourbon street in NOLA better than the last one (it was actually pretty good).

    I know we’re just internet acquaintances but I wish I could be there and do *something* for you. If there’s anything you can think of, please message me. You know I’m already praying.

  • Wow, that’s terrible. I hate hospitals. :/ I feel like no matter what reason I go to one, they always fuck something up. I hope you feel better soon. :(

  • You’re like your very own episode of ER, you are. I hope the withdrawal crud stops soon. Rootin’ for ya!

  • I hate hospitals so much too. I hope things get better very soon for you <3