Saw the eye doctor yesterday

So yesterday I was tortured at the eye doctor. Okay it wasn’t torture, but it felt like it. Kharizma and I went to the food drive then she drove me for my eye appointment. We got there just in time, with a few minutes to spare. By the time we waited in line, had someone who showed up after us helped first, and then finally got checked in, we only had to wait a few minutes before I was called back. Basically my Rx changed(duh), the cataracts haven’t advanced much at all, and I need to wear corrective contacts for my astigmatism’s, but can’t due to dry eyes and well money. I think that was it. I did find out that my cataracts are all the way around my iris but are hidden unless my eyes are super dilated. I also have a cloud from the cataracts right in the middle of both my pupils which is what has been responsible for the light scatters and blindness when an on-coming car shows up. Now that I have my new Rx I was able to see how much it would cost for new glasses and Rx sunglasses at Zenni Optical. Fortunately it’s only $66.75 total. Cheaper than a single pair of glasses from the eye doctor. Sadly too much to pay right now. t.t I don’t suppose anyone wants to loan me $66.75 do they? Hopefully I can sell earrings quick and can get them. Otherwise I’ll be waiting until we’re stable, IE: Kai has a job, and earrings are doing well.

Anyways these are the glasses I chose.

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  • I can’t wait to see what you come up with jewelry…and when I’m ready for my own polish line, I know who I want to hire to design the labels ;) (Hopefully by year’s end…I know that’s not a comfort but you are my first choice).

    As for your dry eyes, have you looked into silicone duct plugs? Made a HUGE difference in my dry eye. Now I just use Systane, or if it’s bad, my rx Lotemax. I couldn’t use that rx dry eye drop–it’s an immune suppressant and made me exhausted (restasis, that’s the name).

    I hope you can get your glasses soon hon!

    • >.> What are silicone duct plugs? My eyes just started getting super dry in the last couple of months so I haven’t looked into anything. I don’t even use eye drops yet. I have a doctors appointment in the morning. I’m gonna go over what’s going on and see what she says.

      I hope they get here soon too! I can’t wait. :d Thank you again!

      • They are *tiny* threads of silicone that are painlessly inserted into your tear ducts, they expand in the warmth so they won’t come back out. It keeps your natural tears from draining too quickly, or to keep the eyedrops in your eyes longer. Systane is an OTC natural tear lubricant, and Lotemax is a low-grade steroid–though with your cataracts that may not be an option. Similisan is a line of natural eyecare products that I love but my doc finds I do better on the Systane.

        I hope this helps!! xoxo

  • Can’t wait for the earrings!

  • :d YAY! Kai got a job!!! I can’t wait to see your jewelry!

    I’m jealous, I wish I could get new glasses too. But I have a super high prescription t.t and no insurance… -_-; I liked both of the lenses you picked! <3

    • No he doesn’t have a job yet. :( Still hoping.

      • :SCARED: Whoops! I didn’t read the IE part X__x; aww! I’m sure he’ll find one soon :d

  • Jen

    As soon as you start selling jewelry, I’ll be all over it!

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    Wow that is a great price (when you have monies)! But I thought you said the sunglasses were pink zebra striped??? Or maybe I am blind….

    • the ones I want are, but they’re $29 to start out with, where the black ones are only $6.95. So it’s cheaper. I plan on getting the zebra ones at some point. Just not now since money is so tight.