Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics blush part 1 of 3

I have for you all 13 blushes from Detrivore Cosmetics. I shall be doing them in 3 parts. :d For you today I have #1 Indecent, #2 Bloodbath, #3 Harem, #4 Vulgar and #5 Poison! All are beautiful colors, my favorite is Vulgar though. It’s a beautiful light purple. Love it. All of these blushes are super smooth and soft. They blend out extremely well and can be built up nicely. :) Vulgar can be built up but it’s a rather light shade so it’s not quite as bold/bright as the other 4. Distorria’s blush is so nice I can’t wait to get my claws on her Pallor Mortis Dehydrating Powder. <3

The swatches were all done on bare skin and photographed indoors under a daylight bulb. Enjoy! ^.^

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