Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics blush part 2 of 3

Yay we made it to part 2 of Detrivore Cosmetics blush and it’s not a week or two late! xd So I have #6 Concubine, #7 Spoiled, #8 Fiend, and #9 Thing! Thing is my absolute favorite of the 4. I *love* shimmery blush. Thing is the prettiest gold-ish, peach-ish, banana-ish color. It’s gorgeous! Concubine and Spoiled are gorgeous too. As with Distorria’s other blushes these are the same smooth, creamy, velvety, silky, yummy blushes. I’m a little sad that I haven’t tried her blushes until now. :( They really are awesome. I need like a 30 gram jar of Thing. ^.^

These were swatched over bare skin, photographed indoors under a daylight bulb. :)

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