Swatches: Morgana Cryptoria gel lipstick Athena + Aphrodite

I regret not buying more gel lipstick from Morgana Cryptoria. Melissa out did herself on these. The colors are beautiful and the formula is awesome. It’s not drying to my lips but dries to a metallic-like stain. I chose Athena and Aphrodite to try. At the time I also wanted Syrenka which is a gorgeous sea-foam green shade. Since my purchase she’s added several more shades and I can’t wait to get my claws on them.

Before I start gushing about the colors I purchased I want to let you know that Melissa will not be shipping these during the summer as they will probably melt in the heat. So if you’re planning on picking some up, make sure you do so before it starts getting hot. I know I need to stock up on Aphrodite and Athena and a few other shades.

These are kind of like a cross between a non-sticky gloss and a lipstick. The formula is truly unique. They have a gorgeous metallic finish, and both have lovely sparks. Both of the colors I purchased are *gorgeous*, but Aphrodite is my favorite. I do love my pinks. ;) Purple is a really close second though. I guess I should show you the shinies. :)

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  • Wow, these look really interesting. I wondered what the formula was going to be like.

  • “they will probably melt in the heat” hmmm… maybe that’s why my gel lippies are so soft and gooey and so hard to apply, while the colors are so so so gorgeous. it’s summer in australia, but it’s not that hot, somewhere in the mid-20’s (celcius). i’ll put them in fridge to see if that helps.

  • Oh, gawd amighty, Aphrodite is beautiful!! Damn, I should have snapped that one up…good thing I can console myself with Athena. And Persephone. And I did just snatch up Aisling during this last sale.

    I agree with you the texture is really unique–like a semi-solid whipped butter for the lips. I love them so much and I too wish I had them all! ALL I SAY :LOVE:

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    How is the staying power? eating/drinking/kissing? And taste? If they melt in heat probably not gonna keep in my pocket so I need ones that STAY. I am going to look at her website now. I love pinks on other people, but I have thin lips and my mom wore so much pink in the 80’s and 90’s….if I look at myself with pink, I look like my mom to me. (course we look alot alike anyhow).

  • Aphrodite <3 *drools* What a stunning colour! I’m not really in to purples, but that combo is gorgeous. *Puts on wishlist*