New directions for my blog?

So I’ve been thinking about where I really want my blog to go. I want to do more reviews. Once I get caught up on swatching I’m going to start going through and reviewing each full size indie product I have and all future ones. I love the idea of Temptalia, but there isn’t one(that I know of) in our community. So I want to kind of provide that. Temptalia offers great reviews and swatch photos and info and I think our community needs that, especially for the people like me who use indie products exclusively.

What that means though is that I’ll be reviewing lots of companies in the future, companies that have good and bad reputations. What do you think? I think it’ll be a good direction for my blog and it will help keep me on my toes.

Along with that I’ve decided to get more strict with the Wordless Wednesday posts and also add a weekly poll question for you all to answer and take part in. I’ve tried a couple of times to do a weekly makeup challenge in my facebook group. Despite people being interested, nothing has really happened. So I’d like to try it here on my blog. I really like the idea. Wendi does a weekly makeup challenge in her group on facebook and it’s great seeing everyone’s interpretations on the weekly challenge. I’m hoping that people will be interested in doing this on my blog.

I’ve installed a comment plugin that allows you to upload attachments to comments, it also allows you to edit your comments, or post them privately for only me to see. That will enable everyone to take part. :d I think it would run from Sunday to Sunday that way people have the weekends in case their week was too busy. I think each Sunday I’ll announce a new challenge theme, and that Monday I’ll make a post asking for suggestions for the next weeks challenge, that way you guys can all be involved and hopefully have some fun. :d So what do you think? Sound like a plan? I want to get more interactive with people on my blog and I want people to have fun visiting. I think a weekly makeup challenge and a weekly question would be a great start in that direction. ^.^

If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear. :d

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  • that sounds like an excellent plan :) look forward to seeing your challenges and your reviews!

  • good idea! i use almost all indies nowadays because they’re so affordable. you do great swatches and they’re great references for me to decide what to buy. i’ve always want to participate makeup challenges but i don’t have time. but i do enjoy seeing what others come up with (and think, why didn’t / couldn’t i come up with that? lol!)

  • I LOVE THIS!!! As much as I like reading beauty blogs and commenting, I love it when I get to “participate”. And having a Indie source for makeup (good & bad) is a fabulous idea since it’s harder to guage those companies.

    I am SO IN!! *clapping hands with glee*

  • I approve this new direction!!  *exciterized!*

  • aww it was so beautiful I didn’t realise that it was a FB link

  • I didn’t know you had an FB group :)
    Also I love polls :) hahahah

    • I do! there’s a link on my sidebar. :d

  • ANA

    Oooooooh I’m excited! I love NTMS but I’d like more than one challenge a week. I’ll be here every Sunday checking out the theme!

  • Yay!!!

  • I’m game. (:
    I haven’t been posting in the Facebook group because, honestly, I’m too lazy in the school mornings to do anything, and I’m not sure yet how my new job will react to crazy eye makeup…I’m not allowed polish or anything on my nails, I know that. /:
    I’ll give it a go, though!

  • Veronica grace

    Sounds super exciting