What happened to Grey & Indie Style Awesome Box?

Edit 01/24/12 – I hope this will be the last edit. Grey popped back up and this is what she had to say. I hope to all that’s sacred in the universe that she pays everyone back and sends the companies back the product they sent her for AB. I don’t want to be cruel or harsh, but I don’t think I can ever trust her again. I will fully support her paying people back and trying to make things right, but I can’t trust her. I’m posting this here so you can take it as you will. If you believe her and forgive her, wonderful, I hope all that she’s said is the truth, but right now… I don’t know. I’m still quite angry and hurt about the whole situation and while I’m glad she explained things, I can’t help but feel something still isn’t right.

Georgiana Grey
I’m going to start at the beginning, which is as good a place as ever.

Six years ago this June my father passed away unexpectedly. At the time, I was a few months pregnant with my second child. I snapped. Mentally and physically I could not take it and my daughter was born 11 weeks early via emergency c-section because I developed full blown eclampsia. You all can google this all you want, you’ll see yourself it’s true. The organ damage I had is still a lingering issue, one that I can deal with. What I cannot deal with is the emotional issues it gave me.

For a long time I was depressed. Anyone would be, loosing their father and having a child in the NICU. But soon people started to realize it was more then that. I realized it was more then that, but I was embarrassed and I hid it.

I was forced to leave a community under very bad circumstance, which I know you all know about in minute detail. I am legally unable to comment on this. There are enough people around who remember and know why. As much as I’d like to own up and apologize for it, I’m sure it won’t be any good.

Last Christmas my anxiety got out of control. My husband was overseas and was injured in Iraq. When he came home we had no idea what was going on, he needed to have spinal fusion surgery and we weren’t sure he was going to be able to stay in the military or what was going to happen. We could have lost our income, our home, and our insurance.

Simply put, I broke. My anxiety would swing wildly from being completely fine to me being unable to leave the house. I became more and more reliant on ordering from the internet so that I didn’t have to face people.

I would like to apologize for what I happened. My problems are NOT an excuse. I am NOT using these issues as an excuse.

The IMS was a success. The PO box was about half an hour away and some days I’d be able to make the drive easily, some days I wouldn’t. It took a while to get things organized, but I think it went well. And yet, when the time came for me to mail the packages out. I couldn’t. I knew I needed to take the international packages INTO the office and not just dump them. Some days this was a paralyzing thought. They sat for weeks in the back of the car and eventually I was just so embarrassed that I never sent them, they went into a box in my craft closest and I forgot about them. I mean, I knew they were there, but in my head I justified not sending them. I am very sorry for this and if I let you down. The packages are still in the closet and today someone is taking them to the PO for me and she’s mailing them.

There was, though, sincerely a problem with the local post office losing packages and there were a strong of people fired for selling things on eBay. I am not excusing my behavior at all, just adding that in. I had a lot of issues getting stuff myself, so I should have known how frustrated I must have made you feel.

When my husband was eventually on the mend and back around the house, he forced me to see a doctor and I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. I was so so embaressed. I was ashamed I was not the wonderful and bright person I pretended to be. I was put on some medicine and for a while, we thought I was fine. I had some minor health issues, but they were easily tackled, and things seemed to be back on track.

Then we decided we’d try for a third child and I made the decision to come off my meds and once again. I spiral. I honestly thought I had things under control. I was working manically, though, as anyone who reads my blog could have probably noticed.

The same issues popped up with the intentional packages with AB. I was all of a sudden unable to mail them. I took two into the post office and the shipping on the one was ridiculous. So two did in fact arrive. The rest sat again, in the car, because I flaked.

I made mistakes. I was wrong. I am sorry that I let you down and that these things happened. I am not making excuses, I am trying to own up to my life and how I’ve lived it.

Last night two police officers showed up at my door to do a welfare check on my children. I was shocked. When I said I was walking away from the internet just after Christmas, I very honestly did. I was suddenly shown things that I didn’t know and I was hurt and afraid. I have paranoia issues, I will admit to that. I had no idea who to trust or what was going on and I walked away. I went to my mom’s for a couple of weeks and helped take care of her. She’s fine, btw, she’s now in the Keys with my aunt, who’s ‘watching over’ her. But when I got back after two weeks, I was done. I didn’t even log the computer on or anything. It was a struggle, I missed so many people. But I knew with my mental state and the way I handled things I couldn’t deal with it. I knew then I’d made mistakes and rather then deal with them I walked away.

It wasn’t until those officers showed up that I realized the mess I was in. One of them is friends with my husband and he shared with me that someone called in saying I’d made threats over the internet and that the voice was foreign. You might have issues with me, but I am a good mother. My children are the world to me and when they started crying in fear that they would be taken away, I knew that I did that to them. No one else but me. That is unexceptable and I am hear to own up for things for them. When I said thank you for being concerned for them, that was an honest statement. Sometimes things are what they are, no snark involved.

I had no idea the extent of things until this evening. I also had NO idea my blog was down until today, too. I just paid the WordPress fees in December, so it’s THERE, the domain is just expired. The thing is, I cannot log into WordPress now. The password was changed and the email associated with the account is not mine. I do not remember doing this. I am not insinuating anything, but if I could bring it back online I would. I STAND BEHIND MY WORK AND MY REVIEWS 100%.

I have never backed down from things and I am not going to now.

I know the indie world has been hurt by scandles in the past. It pains me that now I’M part of the problem. This was a world I lived and breathed for years, one that I was proud of and supported with all my heart. So please, do not stop supporting indie. Please do not use my mistakes against the amazing people who craft and do an honest business. I know people do not want their names associated with mine now, and I am sorry for that. As a crafty person myself (as you now know very well), this stuff is in my blood and I am so so so sorry I let you down. I apologize.

This had been hanging over my head for a while. IN fact, when I backed down from the Lime Crime thing, it was because she threatened to blackmail me with this information and to reveal my mental illness. You have no idea how good it feels to be out from under it. I have a LC Carousel gloss and I have NO FEAR now in stating that it sucks. Buy indie instead. I’d list a few companies who make amazing glosses, but I don’t think they’d want the attention at this point.

I am not going to disappear. I am going to stand here and own up to all of this and do everything I can to make it right. I started working on Paypal refunds for international packages, and as soon as my account if verified, I’ll send the remaining out. As I mentioned, the packages from the IMS swap are still here and will be going out later today. I full intend to make things right with those who I have wronged. There were two companies who’s packages I received for the February box. Those will be returned.

If you have a greivecne against me please contact me at I will address your issues as best as I can. I am limited in my internet, though. I think it’s safe to say I cannot be responsible with it. Until I get my life back on track I will continue to abstain myself from communities and social media. I will not disappear, though.

I would like to apologize to Phyrra. Last night just after the cops left I called her, she was the only number I had and I swore and said some things I should not have. You are a beautiful women inside and out and I am sorry to have hurt you or let you down.

Becca. Becca, I know all the nasty things you’ve said about me. Maybe I deserve them, but I thought you were my friend and I shared with you things I didn’t with anyone else. I don’t hold things against you because you must feel awfully hurt. You make an amazing product that I cannot live without.

Andrea. Thank you for all the kind and wonderful things you’ve said about me. I’m so so sorry I didn’t live up to them. You are an inspiration and I hope you know that.

Amanda, it was your blog that I read to find this mess. The things you wrote were very harsh, but I needed to hear them. I had fully intended to send your daughter a couple of MH dolls and the package is sitting here. You are a tough women, and yet fair.

There are some people who’ve come out of the woodwork to criticize me I honestly don’t know. I’m sorry I upset you so much.

In the past, and a LOT of you can attest to this, when I’ve made a mistake I’ve apologized. Please let me apologize now. I am not a zombie, or whatever else cruel names you’ve called me. I am a human being who has made mistakes. Please, for the love of GOD, please stop backstabbing each other and talking about each other behind people’s backs. It was the news of secret groups and spies that set me off. The indie community is amazing. It’s wonderful and the people in it creative and hardworking. You might not agree with each other and people make mistakes. Let it go. I am the PRIME example of what happens when you try to hide things and be something you’re not. I have issues. I gave 100% of myself to the blog and as I said, I stand behind it.

I’ve said time and time again “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Now you understand my motto. People make mistakes, but they can overcome them.

All I ask of you is this-

Remove my address from your posts. It’s caused some issues that I cannot manage.

Do not call my sister-in-law 73 times. The only thing she did was was share my unfortunate name.

Please remove my children’s information from your posts. They are just little and I went for as long as I did hiding them for a reason.

CONTACT ME PERSONALLY if you think I owe you something or you’d like an apology.

Copy and paste this, screen shot it like I know you will, but I stand behind my apology. I did wrong. I made mistakes. I admit them and I will do what I can to make things better. I’m going to be deleting my other accounts today, as I can, so that I am not tempted.
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Update: Here is the form to file a claim of mail fraud against Gina; considering many of you won’t be able to get your money back for various things because of Paypal’s time limitation, this may be your only recourse.

Update: It appears that a certain person hasn’t disappeared after all. Several of the links down there are now showing up as invalid. I guess she decided to finish cleaning up.
Updated to add a link to Zillah’s post on the same subject. :)

WTF You probably aren’t aware of any issues with the Indie Style Awesome Box that Grey from LeGothique was running if you haven’t purchased a box and aren’t in the group. Unfortunately Grey has done a disappearing act, and it’s not the first time. If you haven’t received your awesome box and aren’t past the 45 day mark I highly suggest you file a paypal dispute. I don’t hink Grey is coming back anytime soon, at least as Georgina Grey.

I was hesitant to write about this. With the recent string of crazy shop owners and shops disappearing, it seemed like this might be the straw that broke the camels back. But since the groups are open and the info is out there now I figured I would. I haven’t seen really anyone talk about it outside of the facebook groups and a few things on twitter. So here you have it. Grey was a very reputable and trusted figure in our community. If Grey could/would do this, who else would? I hope this doesn’t cause mistrust in our community for too many people. It’s shocking and hurtful that someone with such a huge following would do this, but I assure you there are other bloggers out there who are who they say they are. You aren’t going to end up finding out anyone else has faked their death, I hope.

Zillah[1. Link to Zillah’s post about Grey.] a fellow blogger has a friend who worked with Gina the knitter and when shown a photo of Grey from her photobucket account confirmed that it was indeed the same person. Between that and all of the information people have gathered, I can assure you 100% that our beloved Georgina Grey is indeed Gina Silva. :( I hope this information will be helpful to those who have been worried about her or wondering where she went. At the end of the post I’ve uploaded photos that you can also find in the facebook group. They’re photos taken from her photobucket account.

If you want more information you can ask here and I’ll do my best to answer your questions, otherwise you can join the facebook group that was started after Grey disappeared.

Below you’ll find a mish mash of info that has taken a couple of weeks to figure out.
Georgiana Grey’s real name is Gina Silva. Her full MAIDEN name is Gina Marie Kuzewski. Both “Grey” and Gina hail from Michigan. Have fun.

You’ll need to register for RAvelry to see those posts, but it’s quick and easy to do so. d= 11890036 =C m_lm_fullview_header_name (for future reference, may help to find her next website) (this one is to remind you how HORRIBLE a thing it was that she did, faking her death)

Here’s a list of known names and aliases used by the blogger formerly known as “Grey”. Google these things for yourself so you know nobody is making things up.
Grey (Georigiana Grey)
Miss Cissy
Momma Monkey
Monkey Toes
Simply Grey
Gina “Gigi” Silva

-They appear to have the same legal name, Gina Silva.
-Same birthday.
-Two children.
-Has/had a husband named Nico.
-Former location/birthplace (Michigan)
-Current location (greater San Diego area)
-Proficient knitting, sewing and crafting abilities, and using all for profit.
-Same “voice”. GiGi had an overall friendlier personality but the pacing and tone are identical.
-The moniker “socalvegan”. Grey used this on her blog briefly before deleting it.
-Georgiana Grey=GG=GiGi.
-Various illness and vague personal tragedies used as an excuse for falling behind on responsibilities.
-They both proudly discuss and display their tattoos. This is how GiGi was outed the first time.
-Grey references having been an Etsy seller for years. GiGi had been selling since at least 07.
-They have similar interests (Jane Austen, Sleepy Hollow, etc)
-Grey and Gigi were/are both well-known and respected but virtually nobody was close to them or knew any personal details.
-GiGi’s post-zombie friend antigravitykoi is Grey’s (possibly) IRL friend Krys.
-Sarah from Sweet Libertine is a member of Ravelry and possibly knew GiGi; Grey seems to have it out for SL in general.
-One of the profiles GiGi was accused of faking- MissCissy – is almost certainly her (as evidenced byher strange punctuation habits) and appears to be a sort of Grey prototype. She is more opinionated and short, eventually stops doing this !! at the end of every sentence, talks about her piercings and tattoos often, and is more fashion oriented than MommaMonkey.

Required reading for some backstory on the girl we all knew (and loved) as “Georgiana Grey” (case study 1) (this one can require a reloading of the page sometimes in order to be able to read it)

About me

I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!

  • Vana

    It seems Gothique has suddenly reappeared. Interesting.

    • Oh really? Where?

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  • femme

    A comment way after the fact:

    The thing that sticks out the most to me after reading all this is the shipping issue.  I’ve ordered from over 20 different e-tailers over the past few months and only ONE consistently ships way over TAT and claims that USPS loses packages.  Because I had other packages pending (en route) in the USPS system during the time when this was happening, some even from the same region, it was clear to me that the USPS must have a personal vendetta against this particular seller–either that or my package was simply not in the mail when it was supposed to be.  No other e-tailer I’ve ordered from has had packages whose tracking numbers don’t update for weeks, and because of this, a red flag went up for me.  For international customers who don’t even get tracking numbers, there is even less to go on when you are trying to figure out what happened to your products.

    So when I read that people had packages from Grey not show up, but didn’t say anything for whatever reason, I had to point something out.  Yes, there is friendship and camaraderie in the indie makeup community and that is great–it really is.  BUT, we still need to be acting like retailer and consumer–even if we are friends too.  Failure to adhere to TAT, or failure to send packages, is something that we, the consumer base, need to be on top of–how else can we measure an online business besides the product itself and how fast it gets here?  As the indie community grows and shops proliferate, I believe market forces will continually drive all sellers towards faster, more efficient business practices–it will eventually be one of the only things that differentiates them from one another.  Eventually, there will be shops selling items similar enough that one of the only remaining deciding factors in a purchase will be who ships faster and has a more reliable business.

    I guess my point is that I hope we can all learn from this and hold shops and/or bloggers accountable despite the personal feelings we may have.  It’s not fun to have to email a shop owner and ask why your stuff hasn’t been sent out yet or why you weren’t notified of a delay–god forbid you are one of those customers!  But I think if we want the indie makeup world to grow and flourish, and if we truly want the shops we love to succeed, we all have to be that customer.

    Thanks, Luna, for airing this out.

  • Rachel

    I am so disappointed…

    Like many others, I was worried about Grey and googled “legothique makeup” to find out what happened to her. This is so hard to believe, but I know it’s true. I never would have seen this coming. Reading all the comments and everything else I can find, though, shows that this is real. Sigh, what a disappointment… I read her blog a few times a week, and I always looked forward to new posts. It hurts to know that she was a scammer.

  • karmapolice

    And the universe wins… ahhhh.

  • Rachael

    I have been in a state of shock ever since I stumbled on this post when attempts to contact Grey and check in on her came up empty and I just decided to use google. This is so depressing. I never purchased anything from Grey but i won two giveaways, one over a year ago and received, the other the big 1,000th post and never received. This was during the time the post office troubles began and when she and I last spoke she was still waiting on a company to replace some products that were damaged in the post. I always respected her blog, her opinion and even hoped we might one day meet and become friends (we’re both in Southern California). my only hope now is that she does right by everyone with the lost money and by herself in leading a healthier, honest life.

  • This is really disappointing to me. I always enjoyed reading her blog, and how much she was into the indie companies. I recently tried to look at her blog and realized it was down, and upon doing some research came across all this. I can’t believe someone so respected could turn out to be such a psychopath! I’m usually a good judge of character, but I guess she got me too. The link where she faked her own death really got me. I don’t understand people sometimes.. : :SIGH: After reading the post, her response sounds like a bunch of BS and just excuses, which bothers me more than anything. I don’t believe a damn word of it, it just sounds like a rambling mess. Anyways, just my 2 cents on this…I usually don’t comment on things like that, but this one really shocked me.

    Also just want to add how much I love your blog, and how great it is to legit blogger to represent indie companies! ^.^

  • There really is no way to describe the kind of hurt I feel from this whole debacle. Being a part of both the knitting and makeup online communities makes me feel burned twice over. When Grey disappeared from the internet, I was truly worried for her and emailed her just to check and see if things were okay, not because of the fact that I knew anything about her personal life, but I know from my own experience how life’s hardships will make us shut off from the world, and I wanted to reach out. After hearing nothing, I did some google work…and found all this. Such a shame.   :SAD:

  • She sounds like a psychopath to me.  Someone unable to feel human emotion who has learned to mimic it perfectly, and who knows exactly how to trigger it in others to get what she wants, like pleas for sympathy about her kids.  I would never trust her.  This post needs to happen, because it’s the only way to stop her.  Her crimes are on the ‘net, so the ‘net is where she must be held accountable.  She may have crimes off the ‘net, too.  And she most certainly has ID’s and ‘incarnations’ not on this list.  Good for you for posting this.  I recently ‘outed’ another ‘net nuisance, Effy Wild, a.k.a. Glitter LaRue, a.k.a. Feithline Stuart, owner of Wild Precious Life, and Book of Days and Sisters of the Book, on my own blog, and there are even some who think it may be the same person.  Hopefully someone will put all the pieces together and justice will come to her/them.

  • VictorianDisco


    I mean… wow.

    I messaged her back in November about doing a review, sent her over $50 worth of product and never heard back from her afterwards. I promptly had almost forgotten about it, went to visit her blog today and found all of this… so very disappointing.  :CONFUSED:

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  • Charmalite

    ow, geez wow.

    I thought something might’ve happened when the blog didnt update, but then when it went down… I just wanted to see what happened to her, didnt expect this!

    And dammit, I liked that blog, liked that online persona. And thing is, even after this happened I would still liked to read her blog! I liked the style diaries so much! (any other blogs do this? so I can move on there?), and despite what happened the reviews do seem truthful enough as they reflect my own experiences with the companies.

    Heck, all she had to do for this not to blow up, is to put her blog back up, apologize a lot, say something was up and the packages were not sent, provide a day later that week when they will be and offer refund for people who dont want it anymore. and follow through. people wouldve forgiven, life wouldve gone on.

    people also underestimate what being bi polar does to a person… its not like depression or anxiety, its a different thing, and there are some bad stories surrounding that., thank god all the deaths been fake, imo!

    i dont really think her online persona was a lie though. the tattoos were real, right? so are the interests and the cat and the crafts. she chose to leave behind what she did before, redefine herself in a way which involved more stylistic tinkering than anything else.I am not defending her, but i guess i just dont get it entirely why people call her faker? I dont remember her lying about her kids/mental situation as she just chose to keep these private from the online world.

    dammit, I am so dissapointed, for me she’s almost been an online role model, even though we have never spoken.
    And despite condeming her past actions, a part of me actually hopes she wither returns with legothique or starts a new so i can have someone to look up to again.


  • She has lost my trust Luna.  There is no way for her to get it back and for what its worth, it is my opinion that the whole “apology” note from her is a load of crap.  I wonder if her hubs is really in the Army?  I could check.  I am just disgusted by the fact that she thinks we are dumb enough to believe any thing she says.  Take care Luna, come visit my blog sometime!


  • HappyOwl

    No prob Tina. ^^ I didnt think it was malicious. Eastern Europe isn’t that prominent in the world stage right now, so I think lots of people don’t know that Soviet-linked references are a touchy issue. I’ve met a fair share of people who don’t seem to realize that Eastern Europe is more than just Russia. Plus the former Soviet Union contained chunks of Central Asia so it’s a bit confusing in terms of geography. xd

    Should I feel bad that I often confused phyrra and grey? I was also a bit turned off by her reviewing so many companies negatively. It’s fine if it’s deserved, but with so many negative reviews it made not want to buy indie. I thought grey was already an established blogger when I found her via the lime crime drama.

    I kind of feel bad for the companies who named products after other indie bloggers. :( Personally I think they should change the name of those items named after Grey and then send the net profits to a real lupus charity to make up for the money she scammed. That would be a nice way to cope I think.

  • Peta

    Hmm here i was searching the net so very concerned about something bad happening to Grey. When i came across this- – which clearly states the page is registered to Gina Silva……..a quick google of Gina Silva and it has led me to this site.

    Thanks for this post, I am in shocked. I’ve contacted Grey in the past when hoping to start my own Indie brands for some input and she was so very nice. I feel like a fool for being such a fan of hers for so long.


  • Pouncy, that’s how I feel about it. I suffer from anxiety and I know better than to take on responsibilities like that. The pressure would certainly cause me to fuck it all up.

    I’m not one to forgive or forget, especially when someone has pulled crap like this before.

  • Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Honestly she’s doing the exact same “Look at all my problems, feel bad for me,” sap show that everyone tries to justify when they know they’ve done wrong on purpose. So that people will be like “Oh well that’s understandable,” and moves about their way while they are able to do this over and over and over again.  Look at GlitterSniffer Cosmetics. She’s STILL doing it.

    And maybe, just maybe, she shouldn’t take on these huge expenditures if she KNOWS she has these problems. I have depression and anxiety really bad but you don’t see me trying to organize some extravagant thing that I am obligated for, why? Because I know I would disappoint!

    Even if she was feeling “fine” she should have known better about herself to be like “You know, maybe, this isn’t a good idea.”

    You can’t feel sorry for someone who knowingly puts themselves into situations like this when they knowingly realize their own limitations. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.


  • Melissa

    You know, it’s sad that she went into SUCH detail about everything. It’s none of anyones business, and like they say, the more details you give, the more you’re probably a liar and trying to convince yourself that it’s the truth. A simple “I screwed up, I’m sorry, I owe you all refunds” would have sufficed instead of the sob stories, the guilt trips about her husband and child, etc etc. If she isn’t using those things as an excuse, then there is absolutely no reason to even mention them. I’m sorry but I know people who are clinically depressed and have had more shit go wrong in their lives than that and they still managed to get things done. Instead of paragraphs of excuses, she could have just apologized, sincerely, and that’s all.

  • Rebecca

    I never liked her much anyway. She was very shady. Especially when it came to giveaways and contests. I found it fascinating that it was mostly her friends that won the nicer giveaways that were “random” picks. She also praised some pretty terrible products just because she was friends with owners. I dunno. I’m just not surprised by any of this. And I call total bullshit on her sob stories. I don’t like LC much either. But for some reason I don’t believe that Xenia blackmailed her. I think it’s a slight diversion tactic. As… none of that is really blackmail worthy. I think it’s more like “HEY. LOOK OVER THERE. LOOK AT HOW EVIL XENIA IS.” I’m so sorry for all the people who were hurt and feel betrayed though. ):

  • I’m very disappointed. I commented at least weekly on Georgiana Grey’s blog and she was one of my favourite bloggers.

    I was so excited when I won her Going Grey bag in the Team Pink Eye first week giveaway, as I admired her lots. The bag never arrived. I believe her when she mentioned mail troubles, destroyed packages, sending out replacements, etc. I finally knew it would never arrive when I got nothing weeks after she blogged about sending replacements and when she took down her site.

    I do hope everyone gets their refunds even if I am skeptical. Thank you for making this post and bringing this information to light, Luna.

  • Laine

    sorry but i don’t believe ONE SINGLE F*CKING WORD she says. she lied before – to an extend that is nothing but disgusting and f*cked in the head. faking your own death and now that it’s revealed bawwwing about how hard your life is? what the hell is wrong with you, grey? i read her blog almost daily and i trusted her. finding all of this out is a true shock for me. who knows how many other identities she has, how many other people she’s lied to and betrayed?! i hope EVERYBODY reads your post and sees what kind of person she really was… and i hope she stays off the internet forever!

  • Erica

    Maybe you feel that something isn’t right because of her fake “it’s totally my fault I’m sorry except it’s not my fault because of these things you should feel sorry for me about” TL;DR apology.  She can cry me a river…after she makes good on her promises.

  • HappyOwl

    I’m sorry, I know it’s a bit off topic but I just had to post. In regards to Tina, who got “brushes that were Russian or Eastern bloc sounding,” I can only say :/

    Cultural sensitivity is a major issue over LC’s ridiculous ad campaign, and I just need to point out that the Eastern bloc ceased to exist 20 years ago. I’m not sure what “Eastern bloc sounding” is supposed to mean but many of the countries were forced to be a part of the Soviet Union post-war. I’d hope that by now people would have learned to appreciate those countries as more than that. The term “Eastern European” would do just fine~

    • Tina

      My apologies.  I should have said Eastern European?  I just couldn’t place the words on the brushes and was trying to pinpoint a region for the IMS.  I didn’t mean to give offense to anybody.

  • Claire

    Wow. I stumbled on this trying to figure out where the blog had gone and just…woah. I liked the blog and took tips from there and now I realise this is the kind of person behind it. It kind of makes me doubt those reviews I used to pick out products, which my experiences with were sometimes very different to hers. I’m just thanking my lucky stars I saw the indie box and thought I’d rather give it a couple of months to get started before I put my cash on the line.

    Thank you for writing such an honest informative post. At least this way other people like me can find out what happened.

  • Jenny Whiskey

    I did the IMS and i did receive a package.  If you were the person who sent the Natura lip glosses then yes i did recieve them.  And I sent in WnW eyeliner pots because a lot of people outside the US said they couldn’t easily get WnW.  So Marcey you got one of my eyeliners!    I ended up getting a glitter liner, some brushes from Spain, a Natura Lip gloss, an inglot shadow, some bath salts from japan, and a Korean BB cream.

    Can I just say how baffled i am by all of this??  I won two contests of hers, and did the IMS all without any issues at all.  She delivered as promised in a timely manner on all occasions.

    Her blog was one of my favorites.  i bought a lot of things she recommended (makeup jewelry, accessories, etc) I’ve never been disappointed with any of her recommendations.  She seemed to know her stuff and I was so shocked to hear this.  Honestly.

    I’m more of a lurker in the beauty blog community.  I only commented on a handful of blogs, and LeGothique was one i commented on almost daily.  I’m really shocked and appalled that it was essentially a lie.  What a shame.

    • Tina

      I never had a problem receiving anything either, other than receiving something I ordered later than expected.  I also won a contest (I think it was Inglot) and received that right away.  I really enjoyed reading the blog and am sad that it is not up anymore.  I enjoyed the reviews, style posts, and other information she shared.  She is definitely creative and has some real gifts.  These events are just unfortunate.  I know that a lot of people are upset and feel betrayed right now, and it even seems like some people are jumping on a bandwagon and belittling and criticizing everything about her posts, family, kids.  I’ve seen this happen in the past where people pull up bits about personal lives and kids and trash those things publicly.  Really uncool.  The information here doesn’t paint a good picture, but please have some compassion if you can find it in your heart to do so.  I’ve seen some things in the indie/blogger community that I definitely don’t like, and that is the tendency to be a bunch of scavengers circling around when somebody makes a mistake.  I’ve seen this pecking of somebody to death and feeding off of the carcass for months.  I work in the corporate world, and I can tell you that I see ethics issues on a consistent basis that are as bad or even worse than what has occurred here.  I’m not minimizing the bad stuff here.  Sometimes, people just get away with it.  But, what comes around goes around.  I agree that y’all should share the information, but the nitpicking about little things like family names and such that aren’t relevant is just plain mean.

      • I’m not really sure why you are bringing up nitpicking and tearing her down? No one has done that here. People have only been expressing their disappointment in what has happened.

  • How interesting… 

    btw I love your blog <3 ! Very nice layout ^^ 


    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  • The Peach

    I was kind of wondering how the IMS turned out for others. I had an interesting experience with her. I send her WnW palettes for the IMS. I of course sent in with delievery confirmation, but I did not tell her that. I wanted to know for myself it got delievered. About a week after it showed to be delivered, I contacted her asking if she received it. She said no. I told her that it showed delievered. After another week or so, I checked back in with her and she still didn’t have it. So I told her I was going to contact the post office, which I did thru their website since I had a tracking number. Before the post office could even get back to me, she responded that it had been sitting in her neighbors box and that she had it now.

    Don’t you think that after a few weeks the neighbor would tell the postal clerk that it wasn’t their package? This all seemed a bit odd to me. But I did receive a package in return with products that appeared to be of international origin. I believe one was Collection 2000, a Joe eyeliner and gloss, and a BB Cream. I was wondering how it went for others involved. I never really heard if anyone who participated got their packages or not.

    Thanks for finally posting about this. I hope all of the indie companies who were involved with the AB know that we as customers do not hold anything against them. We all liked and respected Grey. None of us knew who she really was. So this will not stop me from continuing to support the indie community. But it does go to show that there are some strange people out there!

    • Tina


      In early January of last year, I received my IMS products.  I had found Hard Candy palettes that I sent for the swap.  I received a couple of lipglosses, 2 makeup brushes that were international, but I thought they were more Russian or something Eastern Bloc sounding for the brand, a Joe’s Eyeliner, and an Inglot pigment in a coppery color.

  • Stephanie

    I read Grey’s blog often & while I didn’t have the means to order the Indie Style box, i’ll still keep track of updates because I love the concept. How anyone could choose to commit community suicide like this is still baffling to me. Part of me wants to believe she really wanted to put that Ravelry past aside but missed the camaraderie she found on the internet & wanted to start fresh on an honest path. About 2 years ago, she sold handmade jewelry and stopped within a few weeks even though she said the influx of orders that came in inspired her to keep at it with the excuse that some people didn’t get their packages even when a replacement was sent. I thought that was odd but maybe she didn’t want to succumb to the temptation of scamming people again. Gradually it became easier for her to get away with it, with giveaway prizes and swaps getting to some people but not others (notoriously involving international readers). I can’t help but remember a huge present that Ana blogged about receiving from her. It all seems too involved for someone who was set on conning people out of their money from the start.

    But ultimately, we don’t know if “Grey” ever had a passion for makeup and even though her reviews seemed genuine, the obvious abrasive snark in most of them comes to light a little more now that all this evil has surfaced. So I am left wondering what was exaggerated and what part of what she divulged to her readers was really true- it damn sure wasn’t that assertion that she was a makeup artist. What kind of makeup artist doesn’t show their skills on their blog? Especially with all her popularity and smugness you’d think she’d be revolted by some of the [E/F]OTDs out there and post her own if not on her own face then on someone else’s. That claim that she had a stalker in the past & was protecting herself from that is laughable when you take into account that having a body embellished with tats and TAKING CLEAR PICS OF EACH ONE ON THE INTERNET is a better means of identifying someone in person than eye shape or lip dimensions can ever be.

    In retrospect, there were signs and I’m surprised by some of the details that many people noticed but only mentioned publicly after Grey disappeared. It’s a shame that nobody confronted her sooner (although she would have deleted any such comments on her blog) somehow & put a chink in her well-woven tapestry of lies. Sure that person would have been glittermobbed at first but perhaps it would have given them or someone else the initiative to investigate further before anyone was robbed financially and/or emotionally. But it’s not my fault or your fault or our fault. Cult of personality is what’s to blame here.

    • Tina

      I ordered a few pieces from the jewelry sale, and I received them.  Now, she did email me and tell me that she had placed the package in her car and that they got lost under her seat.  I think it was a couple of months before I received them.  But, I did receive them.

  • Ivy

    I’m really disappointed about all this.  I enjoyed Grey’s reviews, even if I found her personality to be a bit abrasive at times. (But that’s just me – I can appreciate the blunt honesty in reviews of poor companies/products but outside of that it just turns me off.) I was going to purchase a full sized Awesome Box by the time February swung around, too. :/ Now I’m glad I passed on the first.

    I hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on other bloggers (myself included) who, for one reason another, choose not to post full pictures of themselves on their blogs. Not all of us have something sketchy to hide! That said, even I felt it was a little strange when she would make EoTD/OoTD posts but show only arm swatches of the products used.  Isn’t the point of a EoTD to show off a completed look?

    Thank you for making this post — hopefully this time the information will spread far enough (unlike the Ravelry incident, which never seemed to leave their community) that it’ll be difficult for her to resurface with a new name and scam another group of people.

    • Stephanie

      I also hope that her tendency of avoiding pics of any part of her face doesn’t come to discredit bloggers that do the same or choose not to post full face pics. Some people simply don’t want their beauty blog to be a topic of conversation among their family members or coworkers or IRL friends which will certainly be the case if any of them stumbles upon such a blog. Others aren’t comfortable with the condition of their skin & don’t want it publicized. Still others want to avoid cyberstalking that goes too far and other foul play. I fully understand these situations. Unfortunately by not inquiring further, we gave Grey’s privacy more respect and protection than she deserved.

  • Runaroundsous

    Thanks for posting this. I too was wondering what happened to Grey. It makes my stomach turn.

    I participated in her November Book Project. It would seem that the elementary school that she had the books sent to is a legitimate elementary school. And as it turns out, is only 2.6 mi. from the address listed on her domain registration. Hmmm.

    I don’t feel bad for donating books to any kids, but I do feel bad for all of the people that are out money or goods for the various exchanges, promotions, or the awesome box. What compels someone to do something like this?

    (updated: didn’t mean to click private… I do want others to know.)

    • Ruth

      I too donated books to the program and my name was drawn as the winner. I thought it was super awesome that I won and like everyone else, I didn’t question the delay in being notified of how to claim whatever she was giving away. It was Grey and she would take care of it. Like you, I don’t begrudge donating books, I love books and am glad that I was able to bring joy into a child’s life via the written word. However, I’m just disappointed in someone that I thought that I “knew” and trusted would betray her readers. I understand mental illness; I have one too. There are some things that you just don’t do, like take advantage of others no matter how sick you are

  • Spooki

    I always figured she was overly self conscious of her looks. It took me forever to feel comfortable sharing my face with strangers on the internet.

    Still, it always did feel a little odd.

  • I just posted about this on my blog, if you would like to read  it is here:

    I am sure she will just do it again.  Its seems like a compulsion.  I wonder if she did it before the faking her death thing.  I am retired and have lots on time on my hands, gonna do some research!

  • Angela

    Thanks for putting out the truth,I was wondering what was going on! I guess my suspicions on her being “off” were right,I always had a little voice in the back of my head telling me not to trust her. I always wondered why she would post generic outfits of the day and never post anything of herself. I wanted to believe she was just being cautious and not wanting everyone in the world to recognize her face and bother her. I guess we all need to listen to our intuition more.

  • Amazing how a lot of the links you posted are now invalid.  I am sure she deleted the info.  Thanks for posting this Luna.  I wonder if she knows how illegal all this is and that she would be going to Federal Prison for about 15 years for mail fraud among other things if anyone pursued it.  Makes you think, huh?  Thanks again!
    Jillie :HK:

    • Well I guess she hasn’t disappeared after all! Thanks for letting me know. Gonna go check and see which are broken and add an update to the post.

  • Georgia

    Aha! Finally someone is writing about this~! Thank you for taking the time to write all this up & let us know about all this monkey business! So many people seemed to know something of what was going on with her,but no one was talking about it (at least openly,from what I could tell anywho),and the curiousity was driving me a little batty.

    And I have to say,while this whole thing is mind boggling there is a part of me that feels a little justified for feeling suspicious about why she never posted pictures of herself x3;; I’ve been following her blog for quite some time & noticed that almost immediately,and have been scratching my head over it all this time.I mean,if it were blog about some other hobby,or just about her daily life,or w/e it wouldn’t seem strange,but the fact that it is a MAKE-UP blog? How many other mu bloggers are out there that don’t post eotds/lotds,etc? She was the first I’d ever come across.

  • Cacau

    Was the International Make-up Sharing also a scam? I spent a bunch because I was excited to share brazilian makeup with others and see what other countries had, but never got my packages and she never answered the e-mails about it. I thought she was just busy. Anyone else got their packages? I’d be happier if I knew at least some girl got the lip products I bought :(

    • Marcey

      I did get something from the IMS swap – a buttercup yellow Inglot shadow, a
      black glitter eyeliner, a bath ring & some bath salts that appeared to be Asian in origin, a purple WnW eyeliner pot and I think something else. The thing that disappointed me the most was that I wrote her telling my age (I’m 52) & asking that I not receive any blue eyeshadow or any nail polish. I have no idea what she had to choose from but I suspect there were several others who would have used the Inglot shadow & glitter eyeliner that are sitting unopened in my cupboard.

      • Cacau

        Well, at least some got their packages… I would be happy if someone got the glosses, at least….


        Gotta say, guys… I’m taking this to my teacher. I’ll be focusing half of my year on the subject of man and technology, some of it related to different “personas”  online, etc., and I think this would be an interesting case to look upon and think about… She might get interested. At least I know I am….


        Would the author of the post allow me to show it?

      • Tina

        I got my IMS package.  I received 2 makeup brushes, a black Joe’s eyeliner, Inglot pigment, and 2 lipglosses.

    • A lot of people are popping up both internationally and here in the US saying they haven’t received their packages from blog sales a couple of months back. :(

    • Hey Cacau, I never got mine either and she said she sent a second package, that didn’t arrive also :(

    • Belen

      I never got my swap either. I shipped a package full of brushes from a Spanish brand (which costed more than the $40 she requested as a minimun and wasn’t affordable to ship) and full of samples from my company for her to try. I was super excited, dying to try other country’s brands and hoping someone I respected and whose opinions I trusted almost blindly would like the gifts for her too. I also hope at least someone received the lovely Deliplus brushes I got for them :(

      Never got the package nor did I dare complain publicly about it because that would negatively affect my company. I feel stupid.

  • Jules

    Thank you for this. She preyed on the trust, kindness, talent and compassion of not one but two communities (that we know about!), and I’m proud that people she hurt aren’t afraid to speak up about it. Her actions shouldn’t be allowed to pass without comment – or, indeed,without  the judgement her choices deserve. Alerting others to her history might keep her from trying it yet again while just brushing it off and insisting those hurt should ‘move on’ without acknowledging what was done is almost as good as protecting her. Money wasn’t the only thing taken from the people who trusted and admired her.

    • i wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I keep wondering if she hadn’t done something like this in another community before she did it in the knitting community. :( I personally think she was planning on faking her death again, but then awesome box popped up and it was a way out for her. Either that or someone in the knitting community figured out it was her and AB was just a bonus.

      • Jules

        Based on her Ravelry scam, my guess is that she’d planned to have the AB run at least another month or two, then start a subscription choice and once the money was coming in from that there would be a ‘terrible accident’ or she’d oh-so-sadly pass away from one of her apparently many feigned health conditions and then someone would step in to keep AB going ‘in her memory’ with even more cash coming in before everything disappeared entirely. Given the amount of people who are just now speaking up about not getting things from swaps and sales I’m confident she could have floated the scam long enough to get away before anyone figured it out.

        Whether it was someone from her past realizing who she was or just her own paranoia making her think the jig was up, something happened that shut things down early. Her disappearance was certainly in the planning stages based on the change to socalvegan on her posts; I wonder what her new identity was going to be? Still, all those years spent building a reputation and identity — for this? Such wasted effort. She could have been a real someone instead of a fake no one.


  • LeGothique was one of my favorite beauty blogs. I didn’t really follow her sales, but I knew that she kept writing about shipping problems, which didn’t seem that out of place. But then she completely disappeared and I was wondering if maybe she has just gotten embarrassed by the hubbub and peaced out with her tail between her legs. However, I didn’t know that she never refunded anyone’s money, which is all kinds of shady. She seemed like a very trustworthy blogger, and I trusted her when I read her blog. It’s strange…I didn’t know her personally or have any interaction with her beyond my reading of her blog…but I still feel betrayed and hurt. I’m so disappointed right now. It’s like finding out that nice stranger I let in my house is not who they claimed to be.

    • I know that some people got refunds for previous blog sales she had while others did not. :( It appears that people have been having issues receiving packages for a few months now but no one said anything because it was, well, Grey.

  • Spooki

    I am SO upset by this not just because I enjoyed her blog and trusted her opinion but because this is the second time a supposed internet “friend” of mine has turned out to be a total fake.  t.t

    Glad to see people are finally starting to blog about this, it needs to be said. People need to know the truth about “Grey”, especially those that ordered stuff from her. I’m very lucky that my better judgement told me to wait and see how the first few rounds of the Awesome Box went before joining in.

    It’s sickening to me to think that someone so respected and trusted would do this, she is seriously the last person I’d expect this from. I know better than to trust people like this but I did any way and now I feel used. I even did a guest FOTD on her blog and now I don’t know what to think about that. I hope that being associated with her and her blog doesn’t wind up hurting my credibility.

    • I don’t think people who trusted her or were affiliated with her are going to have to worry about anything. No one knew she was a lie. :( Everyone is hurt, some more than others and trust was seriously breached.

  • Out of the loop (as always) but I’m glad I didn’t sign up for the box (because I totally would have).

    I have known a few “out there” bizarro people online (not in the indy industry) and it just boggles the mind how you think you know someone–until it’s very clear you really don’t.

    I’m sorry people have been hurt. But then again, that’s why bloggers like YOU are so valuable because for the most part, we can find out who is–and is not–a legitimate business to purchase from. Otherwise you just get the rabid fans butt kissing opinions.

    You’re being honest–anyone who doesn’t like that has something to hide.


    • I’m really glad I missed the first box as well. This whole thing sucks for everyone. Well except for Grey.

  • I think it was about time somebody wrote about this to be honest. Everyone knew something was going on and at least it’s all ‘come out’ in a well written and informed post.

    I think this will be the biggest shock to the indie makeup blogging community for a long, long time. Grey’s was my favourite indie makeup blog, I trusted her opinion and enjoyed her…bluntness. Such a shame it’s all boiled down to this :(

    • I agree. :( People who have no idea what happened to Grey are going to eventually try to find out what’s up and come across  blogs with info like this and there’s going to be hurt all over again.

      • J

        That would be me…I enjoyed her blog and wondered what happened when it suddenly vanished.  I also ignored my spidey sense that something was off re: never showing her face and all the spelling/grammar errors despite claiming to be a writer. Thank you for posting such a cohesive account of what happened.

  • Well written post.. Its such a shame all this happened.. I have pretty much kept out of all this cause it really never affected me.. but like hundreds of other people I read her blog and she was a inspiration for me starting my blog.. some of the things on her blog stuck me as odd but thats neither here or there.. I hope she gets help with her problem and we as a blogger/ makeup loving community will all get past this soon!!

    Thx for the post love <3 <3


    • I’ve always had a funny feeling about her, then she started talking with me and I felt guilty for thinking something was up. Now I could kick myself for not listening to my gut.

      • I agree.. I never had any interactions with her personally.. but read her blog cause she was seemed like she knew what she was talking about when it came to products and companies.. I am not saying she was’nt .. but I now question everything being the fact if someone can be this shady.. what else was shady..  I definitely have more  thoughts about it but not gonna blast them on your blog..  cause they might not be exactly nice and in no way wanna disrespect ur blog.. if u wanna know mssge me on fb.. *hugs*

        • Oh please, by all means you can post it here. I’ve already expressed concern with some friends who agree that it’s possible not all of her reviews were truthful, especially after she removed the “bad” reviews a few days before taking her blog down. If she can lie about her persona and basically everything about her, what is stopping her from lying on reviews? I’d like to hope her reviews were all honest and truthful, but my gut says no. We’ll probably never know though. I plan on going through and reviewing all of the companies still in business that she reviewed to see for myself how things are. This whole situation was a huge blow and I don’t feel like I can trust anything she said because of it. So I want to see for myself. I know a lot of people would like to believe that her reviews were honest because she seemed to know so much about mmu but… I just can’t, at least not until I can see for myself.

          • I really rather thought some of her reviews were unnecessarily harsh. As if she enjoyed having the power to bust other peoples’ balls, regardless of whether or not they deserved to be busted.

            • I felt the same way. :? Some of her bad reviews made no sense to me and were really harsh. Kind of like her review of MPZ’s MDMA blush. She said it smelled of smoke. I’ve received probably close to 20 packages from Andrea, both personal gifts and product and nothing has ever smelled of smoke. Not even faintly. And her Sundara review made NO sense to me. I have the same colors she reviewed and mine matched the listings and I had no problems with them.

              Things just didn’t sit right. :( Also the Cocoa Pink thing bugged the shit out of me. Every time CP was brought up she shot it down in Meep. I don’t believe the owner freaked out on her or blocked her. I seriously bugged the owner for like a month about fear of cemeteries and she never got short with me once. I know it’s possible. People have bad days, etc, but I don’t know of anyone else who had that experience with her.

              Ugh things just don’t sit well with me. :(

              • ITA on MPZ…I have severe reaction to smoke (instant migraine) and not one single thing from MPZ has been anything but perfect! I can smell smoke from the inside of my car if we drive by someone standing by the side of the road, windows up, a/c on. So yeah–NO SMOKE FROM MPZ.

                MDMA is da bomb!

          • I know that a few times she mentioned about her having an awesome job.. with mad skills and stuff like that.. which brings me to the point of why she have to steal from people.. I agree with ya on what was true and what wasnt.. I do believe she had a tendency on being a little harsh on some of the reviews.. but thats my opinion.. I mean we all have our own way of reviewing.. but most of us try to look at the good.. I mean we cant hold a brand new company up to the standards of lets say MAC.. whether it was just trying to be constructive .. it came off as rude and a little pompous at times .

            I was gonna get the AB.. actually had the money for it and glad I decided against it.. something just told me not to… I am so glad I didnt.. I cant afford to have 20+ bucks just floating out there somewhere.. I hope everyone gets there money back and hope people can have faith in us bloggers agian.. the blog world can get dramatic at times but the fun def outweighs the bad.

            I hope this didnt offend anyone .. that totally isnt my intent..

      • Jules

        I was always surprised that she called herself a writer when her spelling and grammar were so consistently full of errors. While I found her reviews informative (assuming now they were even real reviews!), with misspellings like ‘responce’ for ‘response’ (a personal peeve) and her habit of putting the dollar sign after the number I’d think to myself that if it were true, I pitied her editor!

        • Wow, thanks for posting this. I’ve never read your blog before but stumbled on this entry using my Google skills to try and figure out what the hell happened to Grey’s blog. I read it fairly regularly because I enjoyed her reviews and envied her ability to sample so many different products. At the same time, there was always something that struck me as being “off.” One of the comments above pointed out that even though “Grey” claimed to be a writer, her grammar, spelling and style were pretty crappy. This is something I noticed too and while it niggled at me, I just ignored it in favor of being able to read reviews about products I was genuinely curious about and weren’t widely reviewed elsewhere. When she posted her last entry about no one receiving the boxes I though “oh shit. Something’s up.”

          At any rate, I appreciate this post and I’m going to add this blog to my regular reading. It is a shame to me that so many good, honest people got hoodwinked by Gina, but its also sad to think that she is clearly in need of serious help which she doesn’t seem to be getting (since she keeps pulling these stunts).

          • D’oh, this wasn’t supposed to be a reply to you! Ah well. :GRR:

  • Samantha

    I’ve been wondering about what was going on ever since she stopped posting, but couldn’t find anything on it. Thank you for taking the time to write this up.

    This is so disappointing, she was one of my favorite bloggers.

    • It really stinks. :(

  • I appreciated the review on her blog but the “about me” box ALWAYS struck me as off. I don’t know many people who would refer to themselves as a “Punk. Stylist. Writer. Artist” and then say that they are simply grey or whatever. She made herself seem like a caricature.I kept this thought to myself for a while, obviously because 1) it wasn’t important 2) it didn’t effect the helpfulness of her posts. Now, I kind of feel like my intuition was right. :/

    • They say hindsight is 20/20 and it can be so true. :( I also regret not listening to my gut. I always had a funny feeling about her, then she started talking to me and I felt guilty for thinking something wasn’t right, then she disappeared and all this happened and it’s like damn I should have listened to myself. :( I’m glad at least all the info is out now and people know what’s going on. It really stinks for the businesses that donated for the awesome box. :( I know some companies sent in their product before we really realized she wasn’t coming back. :(

    • Nat

      I am with you on this. I never really liked her posts, though. I never got the appeal, for being “gothic” she never had any of the goth quirks me and my old gang do. I also thought it was terribly bizarre that she never posted her face. Who gets into makeup not to show off their face? Not to insinuate y’all are narcissistic, but come on, its a point of pride :)

      • I agree it was strange that she *never* showed her face, and I always thought some of the qualifications she claimed always felt off to me (since I have, in fact, worked in the beauty industry for over 15 years and know how the retail structure works). I’m just particularly shocked because Grey always seemed so intelligent, solid, and, frankly, didn’t seem to shy away from pointing out other people’s f-ups or voicing an opposing opinion on a matter.  Strange behavior for someone who themselves is a fabrication.

        However, I will say that I myself don’t publish many photos of myself, though there are some out there. I am 100% who I say I am (my portfolio is available on my site). Frankly, I just don’t love the way I look right now, on top of which my shitty camera rarely takes photos that I feel are adequate to show my skills. Thus, very few pics of me on my blog. It worries me that this is happening so very often and may sway some people away from creating relationships or even reading beauty blogs like mine, this one, and so many others, at all. All I can say is: I am me. :/

  • This is such a shame.
    I hope too many people don’t end up grouping all bloggers into this kind of  “pile” because of what this one did. Great post- I know it must have been a bit difficult to write and even moreso to actually publish for possible backlash you might receive. :CONFUSED:

    • Honestly I expect to be crucified at some point for posting this. But I think it needs to be out there in case she tries to do this again. :/ And I’m gonna have to say she probably will. I keep wondering if she hadn’t done it before she did it in the knitting community.  How many times has she done it and in how many different communities. We probably never would have figured this out if her name hadn’t been on her whois for her domain. :?

  • I can’t help but wonder, now, if there is some sort of serious psychological problem behind this.  How can anyone play a role so convincingly for so long?  How could she judge others for doing the same exact things she did?  How could she watch people being genuinely hurt when a friend hurts and betrays them, and continue to do so herself?

    I don’t know.  And honestly, at this point, I don’t even really care.  I’m still shocked and appalled by the whole thing, but I don’t really want to give in to her whoring for attention and feed whatever demons she has living in her head.

    • I think it’s easier to believe there is something wrong with someone health-wise that would cause them to do something like this versus someone just being an asshole. I don’t think we’ll ever know why she did this, or why she did what she did before and honestly in the end I don’t think it matters.

      Whether she is sick or just did it to do it, it’s wrong and she hurt a lot of people. Both the people who trusted her blog and her reviews, those who purchased from her, and those who purchased awesome boxes. She’s hurt people in different ways and ultimately there is no excuse. :(

  • A wise woman once said “Don’t do stupid shit and people won’t write about it” ;)
    I think that holds true here. Anyone who has a problem with you posting this is probably also someone who has dirty secrets of their own they are trying to keep hidden. I wouldn’t sweat it too much- thanks for helping to get the word out there.