My hurs is white-ish

So Claire was kind enough to take me to my doctors appointment this morning, and then stopped at Sally’s so I could get hair bleach and then stopped at New Seasons to buy chick peas and spinach and then made me a yummy lunch. :d

So now my hair is almost white. I don’t know what I want to do… I’m torn on mixing cupcake pink and atomic pink from Special Effects, OR using the mix and some purple and possibly fish bowl to make my hair a rainbow. Only issue there is the upkeep, which I’m not very good at. So it’s poll time!

What to do?!
[poll i d= “17”]

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  • Super light! Make sure you deep condition that ‘do! :)

  • I’ve been using virgin rose all over, and deep purple at the back and on the ends for a while now. Looks awesome!!

  • Pink and teal! It looks nice white though :) I like your hairclip too!

  • I like the white, I liked HAVING white, but it was harder for me to keep than any other “unnatural” colour in the world. But if you’re okay with the upkeep, I think cupcake pink and silver would be super-pretty, too. :o

  • Yeah I’ve learned maintenance on “non-traditional hair color” is a beeyotch :X

    I’m forgoing bleaching and just slapping some Manic Panic New Rose all over my hair. So there will be some darker patches where my hair has grown in from bleaching, and darker patches where there is still some Purple Haze. Sitting there to bleach & color is too much on my pain/neck. I’m going to start dying some hair clip ins for extra color when I want it.

    Can’t wait to see what your new do is!

    And WHERE do I find those adorable barettes??? Phyrra has a similar pair. NEEEEEEEEEED! Because I’m incredibly Tokidoki obsessed. Seriously.

  • Keep it white and add a teal fringe  :HBEAT: