Weekly Makeup Challenge Suggestions Week #2

Leave your suggestions for Sunday’s makeup challenge in the comments. Please limit yourself to 1 suggestion. The options were a little overwhelming last weeks. xd On Saturday I will put up a poll with all the suggestions for you to vote on. :) The suggestion with the highest votes will be selected at midnight PST and I will post the challenge Sunday. So have fun and get it on with suggestions! <3

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  • Pokemooonnnnnn

  • Sharron

    Rocker Chick \m/

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    Flower theme. I saw a post in a hair group of someone doing a tiger lily face…so awesome. I may have to just start doing flower make-up regularly. :)

  • Whoever suggested Monster High last time is love and I suggest it this time!!

    Serial killers too, but MH won out here :p

  • Erin

    Northern Lights

  • Dragons!! (having Game of Thrones withdrawals, me  t.t )

  • Mamuschka!

  • Lacquer Ninja

    NINJAS! ( I will say this every week until it wins lol)