Swatches: Pollen Cosmetics A Little Glimmer, Discoteque, Dazzle Darling, Lily Jane & Sarah Shalene

I made a small purchase from Pollen Cosmetics before Christmas and I’m uh just now swatching it. I ordered A Little Glimmer, Discoteque and Dazzle Darling. I received samples of Lily Jane and Sarah Shalene. Let me say, I need full size jars of both Lily Jane and Sarah Shalene. They are super pretty. <3 I love Discoteque, it’s a gorgeous perfect gold. I really like it. A Little Shimmer is also beautiful. It’s a lovely pale peach color with gold sparks/flecks. Dazzle Darling is beautiful but confusing. Is it a metallic olive, or an olive-gold? Whatever it is, it’s super pretty. :) Also because I apparently don’t have two brain cells to rub together I mis-named A Little Glimmer in the photos. t.t So yeah it’s not shimmer it’s glimmer. Derp.

I really like all of the colors I received and will definitely be picking up full size jars of Lily Jane and Sara Shalene as soon as I can. I’ve been impressed with all the shades I have from Pollen Cosmetics. She’s starting out so well and doing a great job.

Swatched over Evil Shades Cosmetics Spectrum Pot in Padawan and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb.

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  • Such beautiful, intense colours!

    • :d They are pretty.

  • Love the purple, of course. :)

    • The purple is really nice. I wish I’d purchased a full size. I was actually considering it when I got these. xd Oh well. I’ll have to get it later.