Belated birthday gifts rock!

I must share with you the awesomeness that is Andrea from My Pretty Zombie. She really *is* a goth mary poppins just like Erin said! Yesterday I received a giant box from Andrea and inside was the cutest Adios dude ever and inside his head(seriously how appropriate?) was tokidoki makeups! *squee* She also sent me a tokidoki yearly planner. I swear she must be reading my mind cause I was just looking at planners. xd I also now have the rest of the drugs like me eye shadows and a special shadow that I will be swatching later! Also a cute button that says might bite which is now on my purse by the zombees button that Mandy sent me! Also if you have not herd yet, Sandie from Brazen Cosmetics made a Crazy Cat Lady lip gloss. *grabby hands* MUST HAS.

So now I shall spam you with photos of my tokidoki awesomeness.

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  • AHHHHH great birthday swag! I *LURVE* my Adios stuffed w/ makeup LOL. He shall make a very nice vase for my to-be-built vanity.

    Ever since you posted about Tokidoki Barbie (which I got. OMG the price killed me but she is gorgeous!) I am now completelly OBSESSED with all things Tokidoki. I’m making a necklace from the charms, I have a bunch of the figures (which will be on a shelf over my vanity) and I just got a Donutella stuffed doll yesterday (*faints from cuteness*)

    I just ordered the calendar and planner so I can work on drawing the characters–even my son is into Tokidoki now–I got him a Lion Papa tshirt off ebay for his bday (used but in great condition). We’re planning on him writing a letter to Simone Legnone regarding one of the Moofia–RISO, who is the Rice milk character and nowhere to be found. My son’s allergic to cow’s milk (even tho he loooove the Moofia) so we’re going to see if he’ll bring back RISO. In the meantime, I’m going to get him the Soya charm (soymilk).

    Sorry for the crazed ranting, you’re the only other Tokidoki fan I know of!!

    Glad you had such an AWESOMESAUCE BIRTHDAY!!

  • I adore Tokidoki. You’re a lucky girl!

    • This is my first tokidoki anything. :d So I was really happy to see it. I tried the eyeliner today and I think I’m in love!