Yay new glasses!

So Jennifer offered to pay for my glasses in exchange for my first pair of earrings, to which I replied she could have the first couple. :d So thank you! My glasses came today from Zenni Optical and they are awesome! The rest of my earring stuff should be here soon. :d

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  • Ahhh I love new glasses, for something that is constantly on your face it is surprising how little people care about them! Those are so super cute!! very cool!

  • CUTE!!! You look darling in them :)

    Here’s a picture of me w/ my reading glasses (Juicy Couture thank you insurance!)


  • OMG Luna.. they are super cute.. the 1st pair are meant for u.. Like if I saw them in the eyedocs I would say they fit u!! the sunrx’s are cute too!! And I can not wait till u get all the earring supplies!!! I am totally gonna have to get a pair!!! <3

    • That’s what my husband said! I do love them. :d I can’t wait to start making earrings. :d

  • I love them!

  • Lacquer Ninja

    Woot! Love them, I’m glad they’re everything you hoped for and that your world looks a little bit better with them :)

    • They are! I’m very happy with them! Thank you. <3


      I’ll be making your earrings soon. :d I hope you’ll like them.

  • Those frames are awesome!

    • I think so too. I’m really happy with them. :)

  • Those glasses are foxy, you pull them off so well!

  • Oh my gosh they are adorable!

    You look great in both pairs   :)

    • Thank you! I love both but especially my cat eye glasses. They have wings!