Monday Q&A #2

I’ve been sick, so please bear with me. I was supposed to post this yesterday, but blargh.

Do you want me to swatch/review Sugarpill Cosmetics and/or Lime Crime Makeup?

My answer: I have no problem swatching/reviewing either. Based on the poll more people view as not being indie, thank being indie. With that being said a lot of people said they would like to see me swatch/review both, which is why there is yet another q&a about them. xd I’d also like to note that yes, I know about all of the drama surrounding Xenia and Lime Crime. I plan on reviewing them honestly based on their products and how things are handled, my opinion on the drama has no bearing on that. That goes for any and all companies I review/swatch that have a less than stellar reputation. Just putting that out there. I know a lot of people don’t like Lime Crime and I’m sure there will be people who dislike other companies I swatch/review, but I’m going to anyways, regardless of whether or not I really like them, or anyone else. xd

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  • I’d be happy seeing either company reviewed, but it would be nice to see a review from you (someone I trust) on the products, especially from an unbiased standpoint!

  • :CAT:  There is no way for me to add Nutella or bacon to the poll like ya’ll do to me??

    • Bwahahaha! Nope!

  • I would be more interested in seeing what you think about Lime Crime.I know a lot of people rave about both companies and only a few people have issues with them but I would like an opinion I can trust with Lime Crime.

    • I’ll say most of the reviews I’ve read about lime crime are heavily influenced by the drama that surrounds the company and Xenia. :( The few good reviews I’ve read that just review the product and not all the crap going on get glittermobbed really bad. Which I don’t understand. You don’t like the product/company/owner/whatever, fine there’s no need to attack someone who does like them. We’re all gonna like different things. With that being said. xd I’ve never tried lime crime, mostly because of all the past drama, but I am curious about them. It seems like the people that like Xenia’s products, REALLY love them, and those that don’t like them HATE them. It would be nice if there was some inbetween.