Toxic Lotus by innocent+twisted alchemy

After bugging Linda with questions about Fry’s and then complaining about having about having a bunch of shut off notices and rent due by the 15th and us having less than $30 to our name, she released Toxic Lotus early and is donating all the proceeds to us to help out with bills/rent. <3 So if you’d like to help, please do so. I can’t thank her enough. While you’re there, you might want to look at her other shadows, she has some beautiful colors and all of the art is hand drawn by her. :) Thank you again, times a million Linda. *hug*

If you’d like to donate there’s a paypal button over to the right on my sidebar. I’ve been going back and forth between asking for help, and well not, I guess I’m asking for help. I’m paranoid someone is going to think I’m lying or scamming, or something, but I swear I’m not. :( it’s been really hard since Kai lost his job, if he was still employed with GNC we would have had 2 checks that would have covered bills and rent, but instead his check from Fry’s on Friday will be around $300. :( We had to borrow from my mom to pay the gas shut off and most of his check on Friday is going to pay her back. I know a lot of people are struggling right now, worse than us, but if you’re able and willing, any help is appreciated.

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  • Oh honey, I understand. We were there and still struggling from it. We were “lucky” in that my husband was only out of work for 3 months but the health insurance….OH MY FUCKING HELL. COBRA about killed us. And with 2 of us with chronic health issues (me and my son) you never realize how valuable health insurance is until you don’t have it. We *just* got our new insurance (after 1 month of nada).

    So yeah I get it. Totally.

    Hang in there honey. It will get better. You know I’m here for you.


    • That’s what happened last time Kai lost his job. :( it took him 3 months to get hired. I’m glad it was only a couple of weeks this time, but not having money for bills or rent and not having anywhere to turn to for help is depressing and I don’t know what to do. COBRA wasn’t even an option for us. :( I now have a $2500 bill because they stopped his insurance the day they fired him and I had to go to the ER that next sunday. *sigh* No one likes being in this situation, I’d much rather be in the position to help someone else than be the one asking for help.