FOTD 02/11/12 Weekly Makeup Challenge #3 My Little Pony

I’m glad My Little Pony won for this weeks challenge. I chose Gusty as inspiration for my FOTD, really the inspiration is my dad more-so than the pony. My dad broke his back while tarping down a double load of rice when I was little. He fell off the ladder while trying to pull the tarp down and landed on the tongue between the two loads. He got up got in the truck and started driving, he had no idea anything was wrong. While driving the entire lower half of his body went numb, he ended up wrecking his semi into a building just down the road from picking up his haul. He was really lucky. Really, really lucky. The entire front end of the semi was smashed in, nothing survived besides him and Gusty. She was hanging from his rear view mirror. The base of her horn tore a bit, but it was still attached. My dad ended up gluing it so it, and then kept it as a reminder. He still has it to this day. He ended up having to have 3 surgeries on his back, I’m not sure what the details are, I’ve never really asked him about it, it’s a sore subject. I know he has a fused disc but not much more than that. My dad brought Gusty home to me on one of his hauls. When he started having overnight runs I gave her back so he’d have a piece of me with him. As a little girl I never dreamed it would end up to mean so much to him, or to me. My dad has been on disability since his injury. The first surgery brought back feeling in his lower body, but he ended up with a permanent injury.

I tried dong this look earlier, but I finished one eye and was too exhausted to do the other, let a lone the rest of my face, then Sascha’s Grandmother Sue called to see how I was doing which resulted in me crying, which effed up my one eye. So I took it off and decided I wasn’t going to make this challenge. But I decided it was too important to me to skip, feeling like shit or not. It was important. So I re-did it, and didn’t end up crying this time… at least until after I had the photos taken. So yeah. This is my look based on Gusty. It’s funny how a silly little toy can end up meaning so much.

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  • Kira

    Ahhh my sister had Gusty as her favorite MLP.

  • You look BEAUTIFUL and what an amazing story. I’m sorry he is still disabled but what a sweet bond with Gusty :*)

    LOVE your hair!! Hoping to have mine done for VDay.


  • Gah, this look is AMAZING, Luna!!  So beautiful and a great tribute to your story.

  • Ana

    That was a really touching story… Made me cry

    • I cry whenever I think about it. I think I cried the entire time I was typing it up. :(