Weekly Makeup Challenge: #4 Butts

This challenge ends on February 19th, so please have your looks uploaded by then. Please upload your looks in the comments on this post. If you posted your look on your blog please leave a link to your blog entry as well. You can upload up to 3 images. You may do either mani’s or face/eye looks or both. :) Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. <3

If you have any friends that might be interested, by all means please share with them! ^.^

I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I’ve been blogging since I was 16 years old… That’s uh a long time. I am now 33! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!
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  • http://bethezdaspreocupations.wordpress.com Lady Bethezda @ Bethezda’s Preocupations

    LOL. BUTTS. This one’s for the mommas. All the lovely shades that baby poop can be. :)


  • http://isqueed.blogspot.com Becca
  • http://www.glostix.net Bekka

    Nobody has uploaded yet?  WEAK!!!





  • http://bethezdaspreocupations.wordpress.com Lady Bethezda @ Bethezda’s Preocupations


  • Daintynymph

    Oh man this is HILARIOUS! I always forget that nails are an option too. We’ll see if I can get MY lazy butt into action for this one!

  • http://hellothereblondie.blogspot.com Sharon

    I have nooooo clue what to do for this one!!

  • http://glitterandtoucans.blogspot.com Amanda Toucan

    I will definitely be participating. Time to get creative… ^.^ 1

  • http://www.glostix.net Bekka

    BUTTS FTW!!!

    • http://toxid-lotus.net Luna


      • http://peeandpoo.com Becca

        I LOVE BUTTS  :CAT:

  • http://manicuredslayer.blogspot.com ManicuredSlayer

    Um yeah. Not sorry my eyes are STILL swollen for this one :X

    Seriously???? lol Luna, you sure you didn’t attract some trolls?

    Now all I can think about is Sir Mix a Lot’s song “Baby Got Back” (which I admit to loving lol).

    • http://toxid-lotus.net Luna

      LOL The people in my facebook group suggested it and voted for it.

  • Sharron

    Yeah, I think I’m gonna sit this one out…

    • http://toxid-lotus.net Luna

      EXTREME NEUTRAL FACE FTW. Yeah I think I can safely say this is the first time I wish I had a naked palette. d=  Y U PEOPLE VOTE 4 BUTTS?!