Swatches: Black Rose Minerals Love Me, Love Me collection

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I have Black Rose Minerals Love Me, Love Me collection for you today! Love Me, Love Me is Rosa’s Valentine’s Day collection. I meant to get it swatched earlier but I’ve been dealing with pneumonia and other junk. Love Me, Love Me is a trio of colors: Lovestruck, Lovesick and Lovefool.

My brain is not functioning from meds, so I’m going to copy the descriptions from BRM’s page. They’re pretty accurate. Lovestruck: Pale frosty peachy rose with golden highlights sprinkled with blue and violet shimmer. Lovesick: This one is a bit deceiving, in the pot it looks like a light coppery rose, but once you rub it out it is a deeper rose interlaced with copper and silver shimmer. Lovefool: A chocolatey brown with a rose tinge and lots of golden sparkles.

I love Lovestruck, it makes for a gorgeous highlight, it’s on the sheer side, but it’s easily buildable too. Lovesick is this beautiful cinderella pumpkin color with lots of sparks. Lovefool is exactly as described, it’s a beautiful chocolate color with tons of sparks. ^.^ All three colors are beautiful.

You also have the chance to win a set. Rosa was kind enough to send me a set to give away. I’ll be getting that post up later so make sure you check back.

Swatches were swatched over Performance Color Eyeshadow Primer and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb.



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  • MINE!!! *grabby hands*  No, really, I bought a mini set during Rosa’s V-Day sale :d

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