Weekly Makeup Challenge: #5 Dolphins

This challenge ends on February 26th, so please have your looks uploaded by then. Please upload your looks in the comments on this post. If you posted your look on your blog please leave a link to your blog entry as well. You can upload up to 3 images. You may do either mani’s or face/eye looks or both. :) Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. <3

If you have any friends that might be interested, by all means please share with them! ^.^

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  • Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins!   >.<

    Oh ya, products used-

    Holika Holika BB Cream (blue one)
    Persephone Minerals Caelum Mystical Highlight (cheeks)
    Persephone Minersl Mercury Crystal Power lower lash line
    Physician’s Formula navy gel liner in waterline & upper las line
    Persephone Minerals Embrace over PE on lids
    Persephone Minerals Silent Night in crease
    Persephone Minerals Winter Wonderland as brow highlight and mixed with UD XXX Shine Gloss
    Maybelline Volume Express

  • Lacquer Ninja

    Here it is! I did a little dolphin tail to make it obvious what I was going for with the seafoam inspired colors.

  • Grace

    My first attempt at a beauty challenge as well. Dolphins bring out the best in us!

    My entry is a glittery manicure that tries to evoke bubbles in the ocean and has an accent nail of yes… a dolphin penis. It’s just a flesh colored spike but everyone in certain group would know better ;)

    I apologize for the horrendous webcam quality pictures t.t , my camera died but I was determined to do this challenge. The base is turquoise, with square and regular silver gitter on top. Really basic.

    Products used:
    Anna Sui Base Coat N
    The Face Shop’s BLK606
    Anna Sui Nail Color N 107
    Elianto Eggshell
    Seche Vite Top Coat

  • Hi,

    My first go at one of your challenges! I have a post on my blog here:

    Love these challenges, can’t wait to see what everyone creates! :)

    Laura x

    • I LOVE IT

    • That looks gorgeous! ^.^ Thank you for participating!