Help please.

So um. I hate to even ask this. But I just got a call from the owner of the house. She needs $1000 by the 1st and we have $300. So I was wondering if any companies would be willing to do a sort of raffle thing like they did with TPE. =/ I just don’t know what else to do and we don’t have anyone we can borrow money from and there’s just no possible way we’ll have $700 by the 1st. That’s only 4 days away. If 35 people donated $20 or 70 donated $10 for the raffle or 140 donated $5 that would give us what we need. d=

Kai is only making minimum wage and getting paid for 35 hours a week. That’s only $240-250 a week. Which is about $1000 a month. Our rent is $1150 and we still have to pay bills, gas, and groceries. >.< We’re hoping to god that Kai will get promoted to the sales floor like yesterday, but he hasn’t yet. At least he’d be making commissions which would bring in more money and help a lot. But right now we’re pretty much screwed and I don’t know what else to do. If anyone is willing to donate anything at all there’s a paypal button on my side bar. I really, really, really hate being in this position. :(

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  • I wish I could do more. If we were there, we’d bring you food (my daughter is a killer cook!)

    I know it’s hard to ask for help and I know things seem awful. We were there last year and while things are still a bit bumpy, it’s better. But I’m glad you’re reaching out because you deserve it.

    Love you sweetie.

  • Luna, I’d be happy to donate a raffle package for you, I’ve been in your shoes before and sometimes still am. Give the website a paruse and see what your audience may be interested in and shoot me an email, we’ll work out the details.

  • Do you have a Paypal account where someone could send you some help?

  • I’ve been there, and it sucks…

    • thank you for donating. <3 I hate being in this situation. :( I want to be able to help other people out. I don’t want to have to beg for help.

      • No one ever does!! It’s an uncomfortable spot to be in – and with the economy the way it is, there are more and more people in need of some form of assistance.

        If you want, I can brainstorm with you about agencies in OR that might be able to give you some assistance. Otherwise…I’ll shut up :) (Because I know how it drives me batty when my extremely loving well-meaning mother “helps” me with jobsearching or budgeting!)

        • haha! It’s okay. Kai is still applying to places to try to find a better job, and I can’t work. :(  We’re lucky he got hired at Fry’s. I mean it could be a lot worse.