Monday Q&A #5

What’s your favorite eye shadow primer?

My answer: Right now I am currently in love with de Leon Cosmetics Eye Primer. I was sent a few samples as a surprise birthday present and have been wearing it since. It lasts all day on me. I recently tried Too Faced Shadow Insurance but unfortunately it doesn’t work well with my eyeballs. It creased in just a couple of hours. :( Detrivore also has a primer that I’ve heard great things about but haven’t tried yet.

What shall the theme for the next Bi-Weekly challenge be?

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6 thoughts on “Monday Q&A #5”

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    1. Ooo you should try de Leon Cosmetics. Her primer is awesome. It's $10 and shipping from Australia is $5 but it's so worth it. Also you should snag some lip gloss or lip balm samples. >.> They're $2 each. Both of the formulas are awesome and so are the colors. I love I Aim to Misbehave. <3 I love her primer and lippies as much as I love Andrea's eye shadows. :D And that's a lot. :LOL:

  2. I seem to be allergic to TFSI, it makes my eyes sting ;__; so I just use it for swatches. I like UDPP cuz it does the job but it's quite expensive. I have Concrete's Electric Eye Primer but I wanted to use up UDPP first before I use that. :)

  3. Definitely Too Faced Shadow Insurance for me... it doesn't leave my eyes feeling dry, and the smallest amount is enough to keep my shadow from creasing :-)


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