One more day for the raffles!

So after hearing back from the owner we have to have the money tomorrow instead of on the first. So while the raffle will continue until the first, tomorrow is our deadline for rent. :) We’re only about $160 short at this point. I’m hoping we can meet that by tomorrow when I have to get the money order. I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated money, and everyone who has taken part in the raffle, and especially THANK YOU to everyone who donated items to the raffle. I sincerely appreciate your help and generosity.

With that being said if you haven’t entered for the raffles and you want to you can by clicking here.

I started making my earrings as well. There are a couple of pairs up on etsy. Caitlin from Shiro Cosmetics bought a pair of my moonstone earrings, so I put that money back into earring supplies and will have alexandrite earrings at some point as well as some more rainbow moonstone and peridot earrings. :d

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  • Ahem. The peridot earrings have been purchased ;) LOVE THEM! If you ever do a matching necklace, PLEASE let me know–I am so hooked on matching earrings/necklace combos!

    Love you!


    (Oy you know I need more sleep when I had to add the numbers on my hands to prove I’m not a robot.)