Waxing and earrings and things, oh my!

What? They totally go together! :shifty: I sold a second pair of earrings today while I was at the therapist! Thanks Krista! ^.^ I can’t wait for the supplies I ordered last night to come in. Making jewelry is addicting. :( I’m already wanting to make necklaces/bracelets. Oh noes! I need to invest in some organizers to put my beads in. Leaving them in the baggies doesn’t work out so well.

Onto waxing! So I tried some time ago to make my own sugaring mix and tried waxing my legs myself. It kind of failed miserably. In certain areas on my leg it would remove hair just fine, in others… not so much. In the places it did yank out hair I developed bumps and a rash and horrible ingrown hairs. It’s safe to say I’ll never try to wax my legs again. Also word of advice, don’t google waxing bumps or such, you’ll regret it. I promise.

I do however wax my underarms. I have a little wax pan that I originally purchased for waxing my face(which is horribly painful. t.t ), and then started using it on my underarms. It’s surprisingly painless most of the time. Though about every other time, it’s horribly painful. :( I keep hoping my body with give up and be like “Dude she’s gonna keep waxing, just give up!”. But yeah. If you’re afraid of waxing your underarms, I’d try it out a couple of times. It’s so nice to not have to shave your underarms every single day.

P.S. Halfway through the first hunger games book. I like it so far. I’m excited to get through the first book and read the other two.

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  • OH MY GOODNESS!!! I got my earrings today and LOVE THEM!!! You are so awesomesacue, I can’t wait (yes I can) until you can make a matching necklace!!


    I’ll let you know when I do a blog post about them ;) gonna go over and lavish your feedback with praise!!

    Thanks again so much :)


  • You are so welcome *smooch* And YES I know how addicting it is! Though I keep getting beading materials to make myself necklaces LOL Gotta love the sparklies!

    Waxing *shudder* though I have tried that and it is NOWHERE near as bad as the No! No! Seriously. Dude. Just say no. Unless you LIKE the smell of burning hair that permeates the room. Safe for face? Yeah no. I burned myself dude. When I can I’m going to splurge on a Tria…..but you know the whole threading trend? Nieman Marcus has a device that is supposed to do the same thing. Must do research.

    I know you’re sensitive to chemicals but I’m using the Gorilla Warfare face cream and need to get the deodorant–it’s supposed to slow down hair growth. Otherwise I just use my electric razor. This may sound weird but I now shave the peach fuzz on my face and arms–and I love it! I wish I had done this long ago. Makeup definitely goes on better and the keratosis on my arms is better. Ok. TMI. sorry.

    You sound good. That makes me happy :) Now think of an amazeballs necklace to match the peridot….and I’m totally going to paint my nails in my chanel peridot when I wear my earrings!! xoxo

  • I’m too afraid to wax anything, haha.


  • Cammie

    I’m terrified to even think about waxing anything on myself! I am really uncoordinated so I can see it ending in a trip to the emergency room lol. I just finished The Hunger Games series and I really loved it & I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  • I just finished the second Hunger Games book and I enjoyed both. I’m excited to see how it ends, and of course to see the movie.