Oh Hai and stuff

My actual blog/life posts seem to be getting less frequent. I need to fix that. xd First thing I want to do is tell you about a new mobile app site called appSmitten(If you click this affiliate link I get a dollar!). They’re working with BlogHer to get the word out. :) It’s a nice little app site that hand picks recommendations for you.

When I signed up it actually allowed me to choose when I want to receive newsletters from them. I chose daily to see what they have to send. They have Angry Birds, some hello kitty game apps and some interesting looking photo apps. I found Giraffe’s Matching Zoo for my iPhone which I promptly looked up on the app store and downloaded it for Fumiko. So if you haven’t already go check them out and see if they have anything you’re interested in. :d

Now then, I have to see my therapist and psychologist tomorrow. Claire is picking me up and there was something about cake pops and her birthday on Thursday. I’ll be able to pick up my medications that I couldn’t get on Friday because the pharmacy was closed. Friday I was given Bactrim DS to hold me over until I can get back in. Then she’s giving me something else? It’s supposed to be expensive and she said they don’t give it out often. We still haven’t gotten rid of the sinus thing, and I still have congestion in my lungs from pneumonia and had a bladder infection starting up, which was odd because it started after I started taking the Abilify. I’m also on Vistaril 25mg to help with sleep, but it isn’t. :( I signed up to a program to see if I qualify, if I do I can see the heart specialist and endocrinologist for free.

I’ve been making earrings, so you should go buy them. >.> And there is the blog sale I’m slowly adding items to. I’m up to three gabapentin three times a day now. The numbness/tingling/pain is getting worse and happening in more areas of my body. I think my pancreas is starting to work again. I’ve been able to skip taking insulin because my blood sugar has been 149-167 and occasionally around 250. So hooray. Now I must go check my blood sugar.

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  • Mona

    At least there is some good news to hear. I hope that everything will be alright with your body. Just stay strong.

  • *Hugs* I hope you find answers and relief!!

    Are you able to take cranberry extract? If I even think something is going wonky with my plumbing, I start popping those (and probiotics).

    I have been watching the tracking for my earrings so I can pounce on the mailman :d