Swatches: Madd Style Cosmetix Lotus Bloom, PIsces, Seaglasm, Nirvana & Tank Girl

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Hokay so I’ve been putting this off for awhile. I was mainly avoiding blogging about Madd Style Cosmetix because of all the negative junk that seems to follow them. I want to say, I’m fully aware of all of the “issues” that involve this company. I personally feel that a lot of the “issues” are just people looking for a reason not to like MSC or Mo, and other issues are from the past. I haven’t heard anything recent about MSC that is negative. So with that being said I have swatches!

MSC has some gorgeous colors. I wish I’d tried them sooner. They’re super sparkly and well pigmented. It’s just a really nice formula. For whatever reason I picked out a lot of greens/blue-greens from MSC. I had to purchase Lotus Bloom for obvious reasons, but I also have Pisces and Seaglasm in f/s jars and Nirvana and Tank girl in clam shells. Pisces is freaking gorgeous and I need to wear it as a highlight. The arm swatch for Pisces was um my bad. I effed up with the primer. But you can see in the other swatches how pretty is is. I actually love Seaglasm and Nirvana the most our of these. I’m throwing up a photo of my eyeball where I have Blammo! and Nirvana on. It’s so pretty.

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  • Hi there!  I’m actually one of the models for MSC, but I was a huge fan beforehand & I’m glad to see you [finally!] gave them a try!  I use MSC literally every day so if you ever have a question about a color, or what to see it in action, feel free to check out my blog or my youtube.  :)   You certainly did get a lot of blues and greens, haha, but I’m quite guilty of that myself (ordering in “color blocks”, if you will).

    & I have never had a problem with ANY MSC product (or customer service, or anything else, for that matter) so I was actually honored to be asked to model for the brand.  You couldn’t convince me to model for anyone else.  …I’ll stop gushing like a little fan girl now.  It’s disgusting, I know.

  • SEAFOAMS. Why would you do this to me? T______T

  • OMG I want all of those–SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS!!! *lemming lemming lemming*

  • Great swatches! I am really impressed by your picture quality too, it really makes your blog stand out :)

  • Wow, these are really great colors- Pisces is amazing!

    Taking into consideration who the people were who were so very vocal about their problems with MSC, I think it’s safe to say that the drama likely wasn’t all one-sided (and was also probably quite exaggerated). I am no longer worried about buying from MSC knowing what I know now, and you’re right, that drama is old and should be forgotten about anyhow. Definitely adding them to my “buy from soon” list. That teal shade is gorgeous. STOP ENABLING ME LUNA > :(

    • You’ll want to avoid my other blog post later then. >.>

  • Erin

    Oh wow, beautiful! I have eyeballed for awhile without purchasing… definitely time to change that

  • They are really nice-looking!