Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Grandma Cleavage, PZCDIOT, PCP, MDMA, 6 MAM & Kidney Punch

press sample

I have for you the rest of the blush counterparts and a few random shadows from My Pretty Zombie. :d I have Grandma Cleavage, PZCDIOT, PCP, MDMA, 6 MAM and Kidney Punch. Favorites? Kidney Punch, MDMA and PZCDIOT. Though Grandma Cleavage is really pretty. MDMA seriously reminds me of the Waves of Enchantment nail polish from wet n wild. It’s just as pretty as an eye shadow as it is as a blush. MDMA has been one of my go to blushes. ^.~

Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb, swatched over de Leon Cosmetics Eye Primer and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. Enjoy!

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  • Gawd, Andrea and her duochromes…SO EFFIN’ GORGEOUS.  I’d love to see PZCDIOT & 6-MAM in a look together, myself…hint, hint ;)

  • Ooooooooh Throat Punch and MDMA are so pretty, you should use them in a look together! Or I should, when I buy them <3

    • So she said she could do throat punch!

  • MDMA is perfect! *_*

    • It’s one of my favorite blushes. I wear it and Thing from Detrivore a lot.

  • Duochrome-y goodness.

    • I know! I love her duochromes.