Swatches: Darling Ghoul Halloween Collection

Soooo. Better late than never, eh? >.> I *think* Susan still has it up for sale. I’ll have to check. So! Darling Girl Cosmetics Darling Ghoul Halloween set! I have Dream Scream, Apparition, Pretty Plasma, Scream Queen, Witch & Famous and a petit of Crypt Keeper to share with you.

I love Pretty Plasma. Oh man it’s so vibrant and pretty. Love. I also really like Witch & Famous, must do a look with it soon. Apparition is a silvery glitter explosion. It’s really shiny, you can tell in the swatch photos. Scream Queen is a cinderella-pumpkin reddish/orange with some pretty glitter. Dream Scream is a lovely frosty white with red(orange?) sparklies. And last but not least is Crypt Keeper which I really like. It’s sort of a blackened mossy green. I seriously picture it on grave stones. >.>

Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.


Full Disclosure Policy: All products mentioned in this entry were purchased by me in October 2011. There are no affiliate links and there is no financial compensation included in this post.

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  • Sooo much pretteh!!!!  Even though I have these I still google search for stuff I have just to look at pretty pictures of it hahaha.  I love Witch and Famous.

  • I loved the olive, brown and orange ones.