Swatches: Morgana Cryptoria Twinkling Rubies, Love Lies Bleeding, Bees Knees, Speakeasy & Cat’s Pajamas

Lipstick! I have Twinkling Rubies, Loves Lies Bleeding, Bees Knees, Speakeasy and Cat’s Pajamas from Morgana Cryptoria. Oh hai I love Bees Knees. It’s a freaking gorgeous orange. I love twinkling rubies so hard. It’s so pretty. I think the only color I wasn’t crazy about was Speakeasy. I just think it’s the wrong shade for me. It’s a lovely color, just not on me. xd I am light-headed and bleh from allergies and low blood pressure so I’m just going to leave you with photos!

Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb.


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  • all the pretties!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Twinkling Rubies and Love Lies Bleeding are gorgeous! I love that they are reddish shades without being too in-your-face. Not that I don’t love a good in-your-face lip color; I just can’t pull them off very well. Great pics of these! :HK: