Swatches: Performance Colors COLORPOT Cream Eyeshadow

Sooo I’ve had these for a little while. >.> I’d ordered the sample pack from Performance Colors that came with five COLORPOT Cream Eyeshadow Samples and two concealer samples. I chose Plum Fairies, Champagne, Sweetdreams, Sparkles, and Electric Cornflower for the colorpots and fair and light for the concealers. She ended up sending me a full size pot of Plum Fairies and a full size pot of the Fair concealer as well as a full size jar of her primer and clamshells in Emerald City, Farrah, Velvet Talker and Oilslick, which oddly enough I wanted to try. All of the colors are lovely and can be built for good payoff, but go on more sheer to be used as a base. The lighter of the two concealers matched my skin fairly well but I can’t stomach the smell very well. I had the same problem with the primer, so I haven’t been able to test it out. The smell shouldn’t bother me, I like it just fine, but my stomach says EFF THAT. d= Fortunately all of the COLORPOT’s are fragrance free. :d I love Plum Fairies, Velvet Talker, Farrah and Sweetdreams. I would definitely recommend trying these if you’re looking for a cream eyeshadow and don’t want to buy drugstore brands.

These were swatched on bare skin and photos taken under a daylight bulb indoors.

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  • So I just ordered 10 samples from this shop thanks to you  xd I ordered the set of 5 cream shadow samples plus 2 concealer samples, and the set of 3 foundation samples. Can’t wait to try everything!  ^.~