Swatches: Detrivore Cosmetics The Graveyard Collection part 04 of 04 – Premature Burial, Remains, Autopsy, Embalm & Hearse

Finally to part 4! Last installment of The Graveyard Collection from Detrivore Cosmetics. ^.~ I have #16 Premature Burial, #17 Remains, #18 Autopsy, #19 Embalm and #20 Hearse. First I have to say that Hearse is an incredibly creamy and fairly opaque white. It’s lovely. :d I do love Embalm from this group though, it’s a kind of pastel, peachy yellow. It’s really pretty. I want to wear it with Old Bruise from MPZ and see how it works out. :d Must get to the photos before I fall asleep. >.> This round was hard on my camera. It almost had a heart attack trying to focus on all but one of the shades. So I apologize for blurry photos. d=

Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb and swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.


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  • Belen

    Lolvely swatches! I have samples of Autopsy and Premature burial and LOVE them. I’ve been using them together with Porcelain and Silt (also from Detrivore) almost everyday for work and they work and stay amazingly in my eyes. It’s one of the best indie e/s formulas I’ve tried! I definitely need to get the rest of the collection <3

  • Andrea

    autopsy, embalm