Swatches: Glamour Doll Eyes Pinky Swear, Candy Floss, Unicorn & Feline Fatale

I have samples from Glamour Doll Eyes that I put in jars. I have Pinky Swear*, Candy Floss, Unicorn and Feline Fatale. Before I get to the colors let me just say I like that GDE lets their customers name their shadows. I’ve not tried GDE before and hadn’t really browsed their site until Mandy from Pretty Making made a swatch post and a fotd. Then I knew I needed to try them. So samples it was, I wish I’d been able to get more, later for sure. I liked all of these shades a lot but especially Candy Floss and Unicorn. Feline Fatale is also a gorgeous purple.

*This means it’s an unblended pigment, though I’m not quite clear on that. :) I’m going to shoot them an email and find out, but had to post some swatches first. Either way their shadows are lovely. :) I will say I’m a little sad to get started on GDE shadows. Now I want more. d= I blame Mandy.

Pinky Swear* is a bright fuchsia color with a fantastic pearl finish.

Candy Floss is a bright pink with purple sparkle and a light purple undertone.

Unicorn is a light pink with silver/white sparkle.

Feline Fatale is a bright purple with subtle black undertones.


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