Swatches: Glamour Doll Eyes Melancholy, Premonition, Veteran & Royal Assassin

More samples from Glamour Doll Eyes. :) Getting caught up, awwww yeah! I have Melancholy*, Premonition, Veteran and Royal Assassin for you. Premonition and Veteran are freaking gorgeous purples/blues. I love them. All four colors are really pretty though. I clearly need more pretties from GDE. ^.~ I’m so glad I tried them. The formula’s are awesome, as are the colors. Just so pretty. <3

I contacted GDE about the shadows with * that are unblended. I wasn’t sure if that meant that they were hand blended mica minus base, or colors straight from the wholesaler. They responded quickly and nicely and explained it for my broken brain. xd The colors with a * are straight from the wholesale, they haven’t been altered at all. I think it’s nice that they offer both hand blended shades and shades straight from say TKB or similar. I’m also happy they mark them.

Photos were taken indoors under a daylight bulb. Swatches are over de Leon Cosmetics Eye Primer and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.

Melancholy* is a true blue color with low sheen.

Premonition is a gorgeous dark greyish lavender.

Veteran is a shimmery dark navy blue with lots of red sparkle.

Royal Assassin is a dark matte purple that also has a gold and green sparkle.


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