Swatches: Eccentric Cosmetics Mushroom Cloud, Mirage, Aviation, Fire in the Sky & Wicked Mischief

press sample

MOAR Eccentric Cosmetics! I have Mushroom Cloud, Mirage, Aviation, Fire in the Sky and Wicked Mischief. I’m liking Mirage and Aviation. I keep going for greens now… and blues to go with my purple obsession. I’m impressed with these shadows so far. We’ll see how it goes when I put them on my eyeballs. :) But so far the colors are all lovely and the formulas are silky smooth.

Mushroom Cloud is a burnt orange with gold sheen and gold sparks.
Mirage is a golden halo on top of a light green shifts to teal, filled with blue sparks.
Aviation is a midnight blue with pink shimmer and silver and blue sparks.
Fire in the Sky is a blackened red with gold and pink sparks.
Wicked Mischief is a bronzy gold and rubs down to a pinky base, filled with gold and orange sparks.

Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb and swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue.



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