Random Update, WEE

So Happy belated Easter and stuff. I just discovered that Fumiko and I are allergic to dandelion flowers. Awesome. After she rubbed them all over her and scattered petals and bits all over the floor. Changed her clothes, wiped her down, threw some clean clothes on her, gave her some children’s Benadryl and vacuumed the crap out of the floor. As for me I used my nose spray since I already took my claritin of the day.

So it appears that my pancreas is starting to work again. My bloodsugar has been staying below 250 most of the time. That’s better than over 600, yeah? I’m still waiting on the results for the holster monitor. I hope they can figure out why my pulse is staying up. I’ve been dealing with tachycardia for months now and my doctor has no idea what to do with me. I need to go down to Salem to visit Chemawa. My doctor says I need to get there around 7-730am so I can sit and wait for a cancellation so I can get in to have my teeth looked at. :( Since I have diabetes they’ll continue to see me and let me schedule appointments. I just need to get in once to begin with. I brush my teeth and plaque starts to build up within a couple of hours. Between the lyme disease and the dry mouth from my medications, well my teeth are royally screwed.

Tomorrow I go in to see both of my therapists. Should be fun. Finances are still shit. Kai is still getting minimum wage. They started training him for sales last week but he hasn’t been officially promoted yet. d= Also I stopped the Abilify it seemed to be making my sleep worse. Though now that I’ve stopped it I feel panicky. My doctor doesn’t want me on anything, but I need something. I know when I need help and I need help. I can’t take SSRI’s so I don’t know if they’re going to find something that helps. I keep seeing myself years down the road still breaking down and crying at the drop of a pin. I don’t want that. And now I’m crying. *sigh* CRY ALL THE TEARS.

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