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Swatches: Black Rose Minerals Selene, The Memory Remains, Inferno & Sideways

I have a ton of Black Rose Minerals shades that Rose sent me and am trying to get caught up on swatching them. So if you see a lot of BRM in the near future that’s why. XD Now I have Selene, The Memory Remains, Inferno and Sideways swatched. You know I love Selene, it’s a gorgeous purple. I also really like Inferno, it’s gorgeous.

Selene is a deep purple that shimmers with delicate red highlights.

The Memory Remains is a sparkling gold that has undertones of red and pink with tons of shimmer.

Inferno is a gorgeous burnt orangish/red with tons of gold sparks.

Sideways is a merlot red with red sparks.

These were swatched over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Darling Girl Glitter Glue. Photos taken indoors under a daylight bulb.


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