Perfume: I Smell Like a Witch

If you haven’t tried One Hand Washes The Other yet you’re really missing out. Besides having my holy grail black magic soap, Becca also makes perfume oils and solid scents. She made a scent for me called I Smell Like a Witch(I know I’ve mentioned it before, but had to do it again). It’s amazing and exactly what I wanted. The actual notes are Cotton candy, rose, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, smoke, and bubble gum. Seriously if you haven’t smelled it you need to. It’s heavy with a rose scent, which is what I wanted, so if you love roses, yeah you need this. Also you need this so you can be a creeper and smell like me. INHALE DEEP YO.

Also back story on the name… When I was waiting for my first therapy appointment at NARA this lady and her little boy came out and his mom was making a new appointment when the little boy kinda slid onto the 3 seat chair thing I was on and he slides over to me and says “Are you a wtich….” which these big puppy dog eyes, and I was like “why would you ask that?” And he says “Because you smell like a witch” So I said “Why yes, I am a witch” and his eyes got all big and he had this look of sheer amazement on his face then says “I knew you were real…” Then slowly slid back off the chair and backed up to his mom. This was one of three odd experiences I’ve had with children there. I am convince the children of the corn go there for dr’s appointments. Also I wonder how many witches he’s smelled in his small life. WTF

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  • I love this scent and OHWTO and the backstory and yooouuu!

  • Luna! I love your blog so dearly! And I also love I Smell Like a Witch. I got it as a solid scent a couple months ago when I finally made my first OHWTO purchase. I loved the little backstory and the notes sounded unique and lovely. I’m so glad I purchased it! It smells amazing! I wish I could pair it with Fear of Cemetaries like you’ve reccomended, but it’s not on Cocoa Pink anymore. :( . I may need to pick up I Smell Like a Witch in the perfume oil version because that bottle is SO cute! :HEART:

    • Hmm. I have no idea why she took it down. It was supposed to be renamed to Dirty Carnation but I don’t see it. d=  Though Becca has lots of scents that smell good with it. :d

  • I’ve been wanting to try her stuff ever since I joined your makeup group! You have to help me decide on what to get!

    • oh man she has so much awesome stuff. Make sure you get the black magic soap!

  • I love the backstory to this perfume!